My first time with the boy next door

(Part 1 from 2. Fiction.)

My name is Camden. Recently I had an experience with my next door neighbor. I cannot get it out of my mind so I figured that I should write this and hopefully my mind can stop constantly thinking about it.

Camden? Yeah my dad is an Baltimore fan. My younger brother got a regular name but I知 cool with it.

So just after finishing college with a degree In finance, I got a job with a firm in Madison Wisconsin. My family lives outside Rockford Illinois so I知 not far away. But having gone to u of m I was a shoe in for the job locally.

Last year I purchased a town house just outside of Madison. Only thing I could afford but!! Nice neighbor and younger families. So I picked it so that I could be reminded of what I wanted someday.

Right now I知 really married to my job so to say. I have not been in a serious relationship with a good woman since college. At 24 years old I知 good though. I have time to try and find someone so I知 not actively looking

Anyhow making good money I have this townhouse and a new car and a job with great people. I am really loving life. But I do miss my family so I will go and see them once a month.

Enough about me!!

So I came home from work Friday night and saw that finally the people who bought the home next to me were moving in. The u haul truck was taking both spots on the driveway. I parked on the street. As I was walking up to my door a woman comes up and said oh my god I知 so sorry I will move the truck. I said no worries take your time I can put my car away after you get unpacked. She looked at me and said I知 Tari. My husband is mark and we have a teen ages some named Cory. I said welcome to the neighborhood. Good to see a family moving in next door. Just then a kid who looked to be maybe 14 comes out and say mom dad needs you! She said let痴 meet up for dinner some time. And walked back into the house.

Cory looked at me and held his hand out and introduced himself. I said hi I知 Camden and I will be you next door neighbor. Then Cory asked if I was married. I explained that I was single 24 and a workaholic. But if he needed anything I知 home after 6 and weekends. He was a cute kid maybe 55 with a bit of a build and a deeper voice. Must have hit puberty. He said thanks

The next morning I woke up and went grocery shopping and had to buy some new sorts and t shorts because the weather was getting better. When I got home the hail was moved but there were there cars two in the garage and one in the driveway. I put my car back in the driveway and put some shorts on and decided it was a nice day I will wash my car

I started to wash my car when Cory came out of the house. He said hi. Asked me where the local grocery store was and got into the car in the driveway. Ok he was a really young looking 16? Finished my car and put it in the garage and closed it.

That night I decided to to cook some chicken in the grill and was going to watch a when I met Cory outside bouncing a soccer ball. He came over and we started to talk. I stated the obvious and asked how long he had been playing soccer. Where they moved from and stuff like that. He said he had a brother in Iowa at college and he was probably going to uw next year. I said oh! He looked at me and said yeah I know I知 late to the puberty thing. My dad was too. Dad does not look his age either. Then he said do you know how many cops stop me thinking I have my moms car out for a joy ride. I laughed and he did too. So I asked how old he was and he said 17. Birthday is next weekend but we are going to help my brother move out of his dorm so it will not be a great birthday. I said I was sorry. Hopefully they can celebrate it with his brother.

I started to cook the chicken and we talked a bit and he went in to get dinner his mom cooked. Nice kid I thought.

Ok so the next week was just work and sleep. But I did notice Cory sneak outside a few times to grab a smoke. I mean a sporty kind of kid he was not the type. Then I thought to myself yeah I played baseball and I also smoked a few times in college. No judgement.

Friday night I come home and Corys car is in the driveway but the garage door is closed so they must have headed off. Quiet weekend I though.

Then grabbed some burgers and hit the grill with a beer. Just going to relax. Then out of the back door comes Cory and I see him light a cigarette. I must have startled him because the cigarette hit the ground. He looked at me and said shit. I knew what he was talking about. I looked at him and said not to worry his secret is good with me. He laughed and picked it back up and started to puff. Weird to see a kid that looked as young as my brother sitting there smoking. Parents not home I said. He said no they took off early I had school and they left me here. I joked. No right he laughed. I said let me put another burger in and you can eat with me. He said cool. He finished his cigarette and got out his soccer ball then took off his shirt. Holy fuck he was built. Little six pack running around.

Got the burgers done and played them with some fries and we sat outside talking. I went in to grab another beer and came back out. He was really chowing down. He said yeah my mom say I eat like a prisoner. I said grab another burger. Fries are in the kitchen. He loaded back up. Then goes hey. Can I have a beer? I said what? He said I知 not going anywhere today and my dad let me drink sometimes. Sure I said. He came back out the the beer and his plate and started to eat. We sat around and had a couple more and just talked about high school and getting ready to graduate and just normal shit. Finally he got up and said thank you and went back inside.

Next morning I go out and I pull my motorcycle out and since the weather was awesome I was going to change the oil and fluids and get it ready. I have been racing bikes since I was a kid. Dad was a huge motor sports guy. Still is and sometime I will go back home for a weekend at the track with him. I always learned how to respect the motorcycle and how to drive safely and wear protective gear always. Dads rules. Even though he was 100 miles away I still hear his voice.

I get everything done and start the bike up. Give it a few revs. Then put on my helmet and gloves and go to the gas station to fill it up. Got back and Cory is out in the driveway. I stopped and he immediately comes over. Nice bike he said. Thanks. I said happy birthday. He said thanks. Then he goes into looking at the bike and asked if he could sit on it. Sure. He was too small to drive it even if he could. Then I open the garage door to put my helmet away and all I hear is him coming in going what are those suits. I explained to him about my dad and how went would go to the track I used to race as a teen so I saved all my suits as trophies so to say.

I also pointed to my newest suit I wore to the track or I would put it on to ride in cooler weather. He said I don稚 have it in now and it 55. Degrees. No I just got some gas. He started to touch the suits and look at patches I got and numbers I had seen on. I tried to explain that they were from various races I went to but never won. He turned around and I could see he had a huge hard on. I though well at least one part of puberty kicked in.

To get his mind off the leather I said hey when do your parents come back. He said tomorrow. So you are eating birthday dinner alone. He nodded. I said why don稚 we go grab something later maybe chili痴 my treat. He smiled and said thanks. He was bored. No friends yet so no one was coming over.

At four I heard a knock at the door. Cory was there. I invited him in. He looked at me and said hey you bike is like really awesome. Do you think we could take it to dinner. He said he had never been on one before. I said it was going to be like 40 degrees tonight. We would freeze. He said one of my suit might fit him. We could go just put one on and it would be warm enough. I had to think about it for a second then said I知 go out to the garage and there is a suit that is and red. That one would probably be a good fit. I said keep your under armor on under the suit. He raced out my door and came back with the suit. He said show me how to put it on. I said we won稚 go for another hour do you want to put it on now. He said yes. I said ok. Put your legs a in and pulls the suit up to your waist. He did then I went and faced him. Dick at full staff.

Sorry but really noticeable under his under armor. Then I told him to grab the suit and stick his arms in. Boom. Great fit. A little tight but it fit him great. I think I was 15 when I fit into the mat suit. Then I zippered his legs arm as and the front. Now he wa son fully leathers. I asked him his shoe size he said 10. Cool I wear 11 so you can wear another pair of boot I had. I gave them to him and he put them on and I showed him how to buckle them. I also handed him some gloves. I was looking at my 15 year old self. Cory went over to the mirror and looked at himself. He turned around and was like this is totally cool.

I said ok I知 working on a few spreadsheets give me an hour and we can leave. Feel free to watch tv if you want. He went out to the back yard fully leathered up and grabbed a smoke. I didn稚 care.

I finished my stuff and went out to the garage and grabbed my suit. Put it on and got ready to go. Shit we were going to be eating at chili痴 and looking like mad max but whatever. I got the bike out and get it started and he came out. I gave him a helmet. And I hopped on then told him to get on the back and put his feet on the pegs. Then I said now put your arms around me. I thought he was going to protest as it would make him feel like it was gay or something. But before I knew it his arms were around me and he adjusted his front on my butt. Now he was in thick leather and I could feel his hard in. I turned in my Bluetooth and told him we were going to take the long way. He answered great. I have to admit I was a bit turned on. He was really enjoying the ride. 45 minutes later to get to a restaurant 15 minutes away we walked in and got seated. He ordered tacos and I got a burger. I知 a boring eater. I told him to take off the gloves he could not eat with them on. I think his mind was swimming so he didn稚 think about it.

Ok the dinner was uneventful. We just talked and he wanted to take the long way home. We did but by now it was getting cold but I took an hour to get home. Now I know he was eighteen but how long could he have a hard on for. I mean mine goes down after a while. When we got home he said hey can we have a few beers. Ok but you are not going anywhere are you he said no. Ok. I went to my room and took off my suit and put on some sweats and Cory was still in his suit. I said aren稚 you going to change. He said no he was still cold.

I grabbed a couple beers and we went out so he could smoke and I grabbed one of his. He was surprised. I said I do it rarely. This was the first time we bonded.

We drank a few more beers and he looked at me and asked hey you have a room upstairs can I sleep there tonight. I asked why. He said his room was still not full unpacked and he didn稚 like staying home alone. I said sure my brother uses it when he comes over so I didn稚 mind if he used it. So we went in and he went upstairs and I told him to put the suit in the closet and I would put it away tomorrow. About 10 minutes later he calls down. Hey come up here really quick. I thought he needed help taking off the suit so I went up. He had the suit off and was just there in his under armor and a pair of shorts. He looks at me and goes what are those. In the closet I have about three small adult diapers. I said oh shit. I forgot. My brother spent a few days here over Christmas vacation and he is a bed wetter. I知 sorry. He said no deal but he said I thought maybe you had a kid and didn稚 tell me. I said no but if you meet home don稚 mention a word. He said no worries I was a bed wetter also. I said you don稚 do it now do you. He said sometimes. I had a feeling he was lying but. So jokingly I said then put a diaper on I don稚 want you kissing my bed. I said it jokingly.

I was downstairs watching tv when the door opened and Cory came down the stairs in a T-shirt and just a diaper. Fuck I was joking I said. Not to mention that diaper is huge on you. He just smiled. He laughed. Said at least you don稚 have to worry about a wet bed. Ok this is a bit weird. Not to mention sporting another hard on. Fuck this kid is horny. He went to the kitchen and grabbed another beer and he went outside. I went with him. He lit another. It was cold and he was just standing there in a T-shirt and a diaper. I grabbed one of his smokes and just bonded a bit more.

We went back inside and I sat to watch some tv when he comes up sits besides me and sits down and leans up against me. Kind of a cuddling. Now for some reason I was now hard. Shot I had to hide it. He leaned forward and took his shirt off and he expose the diaper tightly fasted half way up hos belly. It was hot. I don稚 know why but he really looked cute. It only took ten more minutes and he took my hand and put it on the front of his diaper. He had a big dick. Shit. Not with a guy but maybe I could help him get off and then I could go to bed. So I started to rub the front of his diaper. I felt him adjust a bit then a small moan. Fuck what was I doing bit he was so fucking cute and I was horny too.

Within a few minutes I hear a loud moan and then him move his hip and he creamed in his diaper. He just sat there panting and catching his breath. It was so cute. This little diaper was just getting off a second ago.

My dick was at full mast and he felt it on his back. I knew because he moved forward a bit then he turned around and stood up. I saw this beautiful boy in his cute white diaper standing there just looking at me. Then he knelt down and straddled my hip. Looked me In the eyes and kissed me. I didn稚 know what to think. I have never kissed a guy before. Then he slipped me his tongue. Out mouths were locked together. I was grabbing his plastic diaper covered butt and pulling him closer. It was the hottest scene.

We did this for another minute before he got up and went to the bathroom. He came back with some Baby oil. Took my pants down and spread a litttle on my dick and started to stroke it. It was fucking awesome. I laid back a bit and closed my eyes I didn稚 want this to end so I was concentrating on not cumming so quickly. Then he stopped for a second and with my eyes closed it hear rip. I looked up and he was taking his diaper off. We were going naked body to body I loved it. I took off my shorts and he started to jack it I little more. Then I felt him came back up on me. Kissing me my eyes were still closed loving every minute of it.

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