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Posted by Dirtsoil (email: Dirt)
What a very hot, beautiful, sexy love story. You are both so blessed to having each other. I got hard just reading about you guys.
Posted by Dirtsoil (email: Dirt)
What a beautiful hot loving story. So sexy and horny, it made me real hard. Loved it.
Posted by David (email: d.to)
beautiful story, Daniel. You are both so lucky to have each other, thanks for sharing - really hot and sexy.
Posted by Kim (email: phar)
Ohh my God, inseminate your sweet little mommy's girl. Hot mother fucking with his sexy mom and letting me know what you want....
Posted by VioletRobinson (email: Viol)
I loved everything about your story. It was very well written and kept my interest throughout!Now I am going hookup someone here bit. ly/servisvao.ru to do the same!
Posted by Robert Brown (email: grnt)
Nice story...but the sex was so fast. Both men ejaculated almost as soon as it started. Maybe you can be more descriptive about the moves and possibly some position changes before the climax.
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