My new neighbor

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

It was a nice summer afternoon and I noticed that someone was moving in to the house next door, it was a really good looking young probably in his early 20s. He and his friend were carrying in a couch I was about to go introduce myself and help when my phone rang and I was on it for awhile so I never made it out to help them. Later that evening I went to my kitchen to get something to drink when I looked out the window which looks into my neighbors living room and I saw him getting a blowjob from his friend I watched in lust as he got up and started fucking him it was a great show watching him slam his into his buddy's . I watched for about 20minutes then I went to my couch and jacked off thinking about his cock buried inside me.

A few days later I decided to wash my car I put on some shorts and a tank top as I was bending over vacuuming the floor of my car I heard someone say hi, I looked up and it was my new neighbor he introduced himself telling me his name was Alex I then told him my name and we began talking. As we talked I couldn't help notice the big bulge in his jeans. As we talked more that's when I told him that he should close the shades to the living room when he has company he then apologize if I was offended by what I saw, I told him there was no need for that because I enjoyed watching them. He then smiled and said really I smiled back and asked him if that was his he said no just a friend.

As we continued to talk I told him I needed to finish vacuuming I then turned around and bent back over as I was vacuuming I then heard Alex moan and say how nice my ass looked and then I felt his fingers start caressing my ass I gave him a quick moan to let him know that I was enjoying it After a few moments of him rubbing me I sat up on the car seat reached out and undid his jeans pulling his semi hard cock out of his underwear and began to suck his cock. He placed his hands on the back of my head forcing his cock deeper down his throat, he stood there moaning telling me how good it felt as I sucked his cock I couldn't wait for him to shove it up my ass.

A few minutes later he said come on let's go inside, we went to his house walked to the bedroom he grabbed some lube we got undressed I began sucking his cock again as he reached down and began playing with my ass He squirted some lube on me and then slowly inserted his fingers he then told me to get up and lean over the bed that he wanted to that ass. Ohh God yes I said I then bent over the bed grabbing my ass cheeks exposing my hot pink hole for him without any hesitation he slammed his cock inside me and started fucking me hard and it felt so fucking good I was screaming with pleasure, he then pulled out turned me over so I was laying on his bed he grabbed my legs placing them on his shoulders and started fucking me again. He then told me he was about to cum he then pulled his cock out of me and shot his hot cum all over my stomach I then got up and sucked the rest of his juices off his cock.

After that night we would get together once a week for amazing sex he also would let me know when his friend was coming over so I could watch from the window.

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