Nervous First Time at a Gay Bar

(Part 1 from 2. Fiction.)

I'd always found guys attractive, since I was around 15. I'd tried to meet a couple of guys online in my teens, but it never became , the nerves had always got the better of me. I continued to masturbate to guys online, and sometimes even did webcam with guys, but nothing more. I am 20 now, around 5 ft 9, blonde hair, green eyes, slim body with a bit of muscle, but my feature has to be my bubble butt, which I was complimented on regularly from both guys and girls.

I had just come out of a long term relationship and I was still partially heart-broken. My ex was a stunning blonde, a face to die for and a body of an angel. She was moving to Australia, and she decided it would be better for us to split up. I was devastated, I would have moved to the end of the Earth to be with her, but I had long suspected I loved her more than she did me. Although I was still hopelessly obsessed by my now ex, I decided a trip to Holland to see a friend would take my mind of things, or at least give me a few days break.

My friend met me at the airport and we traveled to his apartment. It was a Monday, so he still had work until Friday, so I was left to my own devices for the most part of the day. I watched TV for a couple of hours but became bored pretty quickly, so I went out for a walk. Amsterdam was a lovely city, but very crowded. After an hour or so I decided to find a bar for a quick drink, it was around 1 pm by this point and this meant it was socially acceptable to have a drink. I found myself in the gay neighborhood, and I passed a couple of bars that were pretty busy and had plenty of young guys in. I was after a more quiet, anti-social drink, in all honesty. I spotted an older pub just down the road, a couple of benches outside and dark-wood furniture inside, so I picked up my courage and entered.

It was fairly dark inside, the only light entering from the door I had just gone though. There was a smallish bar with around 10 stools, of which 4 were already taken. I nodded to the 4 guys as I walked in and they nodded back politely. I sat myself around the middle of the bar and ordered myself a large beer. The first sip was heavenly, the cool liquid passing my lips and lubricating my throat, perfect, just what I needed. I was around half way down my drink when I took a look around the bar. There were now 5 guys in, 3 sat in a circle and 2 guys just alone. Everyone was middle-aged I would guess, the youngest perhaps being around 40, besides myself of course. At that moment the door opened and another middle aged guy walked through the door, waving casually at the barman who immediately began pouring a drink, so I guess this guy was a regular. He stood at the bar just to my left and engaged in talk with the barman, in what I assumed was Dutch. I found myself strangely attracted to this new stranger, he was definitely the best looking guy in the bar, everyone else was overweight and bald. He was different, a brown leather jacket hung off his not skinny - but not fat - frame. You could see he looks after his body, he was not overly muscular but certainly toned. His face was rigid, strong features and certainly masculine.

After 5 minutes or so I had finished my beer, so I naturally ordered another. The barman served me with a wink, friendly and nothing more, I hoped. At this point the unnamed man with the brown leather jacket turned to me and extended his hand, "Hi, I'm Gregor, are you new here?", he said. I explained my situation, and extended my hand to shake his. My hands are very small, more female size than man size if I'm honest, and his large hand engulfed my own, as he shook my hand firmly without losing eye contact. "Are you gay?" He queried, before it became awkward. "I'm not, I just came for a quiet drink, sorry." He smiled, as if he accepted my statement but didn't quite believe it.

"How do you know if you have never tried?" he asked, with a broadening smile. I smiled back nervously, and took a swig of my drink. "Have you ever tried this beer?" He asked whilst extending his glass towards me, "It's a great local beer, not many places sell it, try it for me, and tell me what you think." It was a dark beer with a caramel like texture, not normally a beer I would go for. I took a sip and almost gagged, it was salty and very heavy, I was not a fan. Gregor roared with laughter, "It's a real mans drink, it puts hairs on your chest", of which Gregor had a few. He had unzipped his leather jacket now, and stray hairs could be seen to poke just above his shirt. "You like my chest hairs?" Shit. He had seen me looking, my face turned bright red, shit... shit... "I need to the bathroom" I managed to blurt out as I hurriedly skipped away to the men's room.

When I returned Gregor was talking to a man that must have just entered. Phew, I'm off the hook I thought. As I sat down to finish my drink, the barman placed another right next to my almost empty one. "But I didn't order..." I began, at which point Gregor turned around. "Rob, this is my friend Thomas" Thomas was a man much like Gregor, similar height around 6 ft 2, dark, short hair and a masculine face and frame. He too, as Gregor had, extended his hand and we greeted each other. "Hey Rob, we have a couple of more friends coming, and we are going to move to the round table at the back, if you want to join us..." Gregor explained. "Thanks for the offer, but I must get going now." I politely declined. "Nonsense! Come, have a drink with us, it will be fun" Gregor said as he grabbed my shoulder and gave me a friendly shake. "Ok, just for a while", I smiled.

Gregor and Thomas led me to a table near the back of the bar, a round table with a seat that wrapped around it, with 2 small stools positioned at the 'open end'. I slid along the bench, with Gregor and Thomas both following suit. Almost immediately their friends appeared, there were actually 4 of them, so Gregor had to squeeze up a bit closer to me, and the table was now full. Beers were ordered and we were all having a great time, Gregor's friends were very funny and interesting, and all spoke very good English. I was now feeling quite tipsy, I had like 6 or maybe 7 beers now, and it felt good. As I drank the last of my beer, Gregor asked me if I wanted a shot. I shook my head as my mouth was still full of un-swallowed beer. Gregor laughed and reached his strong arm around my shoulder and pulled me in towards his masculine frame, shaking me slightly in a friendly way. The barman approached and Gregor released me from his grip, ordering a round of 7 shots and handing over 20 euros. He then settled his hand on my thigh, as he began telling a story about a night he had spent in London. The barman returned and we all raised our shot glasses, drinking to 'fun times', as Gregor put it, and we downed a horrible, sour tasting shot.

Thomas now began a story about a person he had recently had sex with. Gregor's hands never left my thigh, and now he began slowly rubbing my thigh on the outside of my jeans. He was facing towards Thomas, listening to his story and engaging, all whilst his hand was slowly getting further up my thigh. I'm not going to lie, it felt great, his touch was firm yet gentle, and every stroke sent shivers down my leg, it was exciting. 'This doesn't make me gay right?' I thought, having another man stroke your thigh isn't gay, I kept telling myself. I was getting more and more tipsy, and more and more attracted to Gregor. He was a man of contrast, his face rigid and stern yet friendly, covered with a tiny bit of stubble that added to his ruggedness. His torso was shaped and defined. He had mentioned he was 46, yet he looked good for his age. His hand was venturing further and further north, and now he was skimming past my balls and cock with his strokes. He removed his hand from my thigh, and immediately I longed for it back. He grabbed my hand forcefully, and placed it directly on his bulge. I was taken back at first, and tried to withdraw my hand, but he forcefully kept it there.

I began stroking the outline of his bulge. His cock seemed , bigger than mine definitely, and his cock head even bigger, I could feel it even through his thick jeans. Gregor pushed me slightly to the left, as we scooted further along the bench which wrapped the table. With this, he looked at me whilst he opened his belt and top button of his jeans. 'What is he thinking? I'm not going to suck him off, here, at the bar! I won't suck him off at all!'. He again grabbed my hand, and forced it down his jeans and down his boxers. Holy shit, I can feel his man package. He looked at me and smiled, where I looked in shock. I slowly stroked his cock, feeling from the base to the tip. It was so big, it had grown even more, but it felt so right. Fleshy, yet strong, and big balls. Gregor pulled me in closer, and whispered in my ear "You are so fucking hot, I want your lips wrapped around my cock", he smiled at me, knowingly. I was getting from his persona, the way he oozed confidence and masculinity. Gregor was getting harder and harder, and so was I.

Gregor's friends were now leaving, as we waved goodbye. Just Gregor, Thomas and I remained, with my hand still situated down Gregor's boxers and feeling his shaft. "We are going to go back to my place Robert, and you will come with us", Gregor said directly. 'No, no, no, I thought, I'm not going anywhere with strangers', I thought, yet my hand still caressed this strangers cock, and I was enjoying doing it. Gregor looked directly into my eyes, a stern look on his face, and then he broke into a smile. Thomas laughed, too. Gregor took my hand from his boxers, buttoned up his jeans and belt, then grabbed my head and planted a kiss on my lips. It felt strange, I could feel his stubble, even stranger as his tongue penetrated my mouth, feeling it's way around. It finished almost as quickly as it had started, "Let's go", ordered Gregor. Thomas smiled as he glanced at me. I followed them both, I didn't want to, but I did.

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