New Year's Eve Party 2018

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

The I had been seeing is a dominant and I am to call him Master.

Master told me to be at his house at 9 PM on New Year’s Eve. When I arrived, there were several cars and trucks there so I figured this was going to be a fun .

I walked up to the door and as required I removed all my clothes, leaving only my collar and wrist and ankle restraints and knelt at the door before ringing the bell.

I rang the bell and Master opened the door and I crawled inside. Master took my leash from the hat rack and attached it to my collar, and then he removed his trench coat and hung it on the rack. He was dressed in his leather chaps and vest. He led me into the dungeon and there were at least 20 men in there.

Master announced that the entertainment for the night had arrived, meaning me.

He led me to the frame and told me to stand. I rose from my knees and stood in the frame. Two men came over and grabbed an arm each and attached my wrist restraints spread over my head to the frame. Master at the same time put a ball gag in my mouth and secured it behind my head, then he put nipple clamps on my tits. When I was secured, Master turned the crank that lifted me off the ground. Then the two men spread my legs and attached them to the frame while Master tied some rope around my and some more rope around my balls, then he pulled the rope between my legs behind me and attached the rope to another winch and turned the winch, stretching my cock and balls. Master told the men that I would stay like this for 2 hours and they could all use the floggers, straps, canes, paddles and whips on me.

For 2 hours I was tortured by the men, striking me all over; my , back, front, tits, legs and even my cock and balls were hit by one thing or another.

At 11:15 PM, I was lowered and released from the frame and led to the Horse and I was ordered to climb up, then my wrists and legs were bound to it.

Master told the men to take turns using my mouth as he fucked me but no one was to cum until midnight.

One by one, they took turns face fucking me while master was pounding my ass.

For 35 minutes, they used me like that and just before midnight he told them to shoot their loads all over me.

As the clock stroked midnight, they started shooting their loads on my face, in my hair, on my back and ass while master shot his load in my ass. Before the final bell at midnight, they had covered with cum. They left me and went to get drinks.

While they were toasting the New Year, Master told them that I was theirs to use the rest of the night. They came at one or two at a time and they would my face, having me get them hard and slick then fucking me adding their load to Master's. They used me till 8 in the morning when most had left but some stayed to watch the games with master.

During the games, I had to suck cock and at half-time the six men that were still there would fuck me. I lost count of the blow jobs I gave and how many times I was fucked and by the time the last game was over I was completely worn out.

I collapsed on the floor and was let there to sleep.

When I woke I was sore all over and my ass was still leaking cum.

I crawled to the door and dressed before I left and went home.

I drove home and weakly walked to the door. As soon as I was inside, I started removing my clothes leaving a trail to the bathroom.

I climbed into the shower and let the water massage my body. It felt so good and relaxing.

I dried off and collapsed onto my bed and went to sleep.

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