New to town

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

Chris had just arrived from out of state and moved into our spare room, it so happens the day he arrived my parents were leaving town for a week so they asked me if I would show him around town and make him feel at home. Later that afternoon Chris arrived I told him my parents were gone for the week and I would show him the sights.

Chris was extremely blonde hair blue eyes and very toned, I showed him his room as he was unpacking his stuff I sat on the bed watching him and talking. He then said he needed a shower and asked if I could get him a towel I went to the linen closet retrieved a towel and returned to his room. He was standing there completely as I handed him the towel I couldn't help to look at his throbbing I then quickly turned around and left the room.

A short while later he came out to the living room where I was watching tv sat down and we began talking about different things and all I could think about was how much I wanted his cock. He mentioned that he was hungry and asked if I would like to go get something to eat his treat I said sure we went out returned home he said he was tired and wanted to go to sleep, he went to his room I went to mine.

The next morning I showed him the sites around town we had a great day on the way home we stopped to get a pizza to eat at the house as we were eating he asked me if I had a girlfriend I told him no not anymore he asked me what happened I lied to him and said she left for college (the truth was she caught me sucking her brothers cock). The more we talked the more I wanted to tell him the truth and I think he knew I was lying, I then asked him if he had a girlfriend back home. He looked at me straight in the eyes and said he didn't like girls in fact what I do like is you and leaned into me and gave me a kiss my initial reaction was to back away even though I was extremely horny and wanted him from the moment we met.

He apologized I said it was alright and proceeded to kiss him. As we were kissing I got on top of him and his hands were rubbing up and down my , I then reached down undid his pants reached in and started stroking his huge cock. We stopped kissing he laid back as I exposed his cock I looked up at him and smiled then opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around his cock and began sucking it, as I sucked it he placed his hands on the back of my head forcing me to take all 8 1/2 inches of his cock down my throat. After about 15minutes of sucking his cock we started kissing again he then pulled off my pants laid me on my back and began sucking my cock as he was sucking my cock he spread my legs apart then started licking my balls slowly working his way to my ads and it felt so good.

After awhile of his tongue probing my ass getting it nice and wet he sat up placed my legs on his shoulders and slowly inserting his cock inside me I let out a scream he stopped asked me if I was alright, I told him yes now shut up and me he smiled and then slowly shoved every inch of his cock inside my pausing for a moment and telling me just to relax and breath, I wasn't sure if I would be able to handle his monster cock (this was only my second time getting fucked and the time the guys cock was much smaller and skinnier) after a few moments he then slowly began fucking me then after a few thrust it started feeling great.

He then pulled out I begged him no no give it to me, he then told he was definitely gonna give me more to get up and get on all fours which I didn't hesitate to do he then began fucking me destroying my ass with every thrust it felt so ducking good I was moaning with pleasure so loud I think the neighbors could hear me. Chris then said he was about to cum seconds later his hot load filled me up. We then both got up I wiped off his I'm dripping from my ads we crawled into bed cuddled and went to sleep.

The next morning we woke up I told him how incredible last night was he agreed giving a kiss we got up took a shower and hit the town again for the day coming home to fuck again all night.

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