Oh Brother

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Late one night I returned home from work. I'd been doing a late shift so it must've been about 10pm when I eventually got home. I pulled up on the driveway to find no cars. My mum and sister weren't at home. 'Bliss' I thought to myself.

I unlocked the front door, went inside and then proceeded to lock the door again when I heard 'James!' screamed from the kitchen. It was my brother who is two years than me and moved out from home years ago.

'Theo, what are you doing here?' I replied with a smile on my face.
'Well, I couldn't have my baby brother alone over night could I? Besides, I was in the area so thought I'd come and see you.' he replied.

He is shorter than me, but has the most amazing body ever. The abs, the arms, the works! I'd always been jealous of him because he got the better end of the deal when it comes to appearance.

'Fancy a beer?' I asked him, to which he responded by holding one up that he'd already opened. I went to the fridge and opened one for myself. We ordered takeaway since neither of us had eaten that evening and sat down on the sofa to watch TV. We spent the evening catching up and watching TV until 1am.

'Right off to bed I think' I said to him.
'Where am I sleeping?' He replied.
'In the spare room?' I said with a puzzled face on as though it was an obvious answer.
'Okay....' he replied. 'Or why not make it like the times as kids. You know, share a room again'
'What sleep in my room? My bed isn't enough!'
'Relax' he said 'you've lost loads of weight so I'm sure we will .' He replied

When I eventually agreed, we went upstairs to my room. I only had a double bed, so it was going to be top and tail. Before I could even take my socks off, he had got undressed and was in bed. 'Looks like we are sleeping like a couple then' I thought to myself.

I got in bed next to him and we fell asleep.

At 4am I was woken up by Theo cuddled right up to me. Not only that, but his hand was on my (we both slept with nothing on) and he was rubbing it. Becoming harder and harder, I tried to calm myself down. I poked him with my finger to see if he was awake and he just looked up at me.

'What are you doing?' I asked him.
'Making it like the old times' he replied.

With that, he wrapped his lips around my dick and took all of it in his mouth. I moaned slightly before finding his with my hand and working it harder than I had with any other . Faster and faster he sucked my dick before I stopped him.

'Turn round' I said to him.

He positioned his body so he was laying on top of me, but with his dick hovering above my mouth. It had grown so much since the last time I saw it. Must've been about nine inches. I took it in my mouth and it felt so good. Up and down, up and down. I began teasing his head with just my tongue and he let out the loudest moan I've ever heard. Clearly he was enjoying it so I carried on.

Suddenly, he got off me, lifted my legs in the air and pressed his tongue into my hole. I screamed with pleasure. He went round my hole, tickled it, and went all in before coming up to kiss me. 'I've always wanted to do that to you' he whispered in my ear.

With my legs still above my head, he forced his massive dick into me. He started of slow, allowing me to adjust to his size. Staring at me with passion in his eye, he picked up the pace. Fast and faster he went. The bed was banging against the wall, but neither of us had a care in the world. He moaned and groaned along with me, his balls slapping against me with every thrust.

'I'm gonna cum' he screamed.
I clenched and he moaned more before filling me with his cum. There was so much and I let some dribble back out. He fell on top of me and kissed me passionately.

Then he returned his mouth to my dick and moved faster and faster whilst playing with my balls. I moaned more than I ever had before. Then without warning he pushed his dick back inside me whilst sucking my dick. With that, I let out a giant moan and couldn't warn him that I was going to cum. He swallowed every drop.

He just looked at me.

'I you brother' he said.
'Oh brother, I love you too' I replied.

It was now 5:30am and he had to be off to work. He jumped in the shower in my en suite but left the door open so I could watch him. I became hard again and covered myself in cum.

He got dressed and kissed me goodbye.

'See you tonight' he said 'Let's do that again'.

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