Omega Tao

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I had just started college at the state's largest university. I got stuck with a roommate I didn't really like- he was a short, skinny arrogant little asshole who thought he was all of that and a bag of chips. After a couple weeks in that cramped little room with him I couldn't take it any more. I had to get out of there and started to explore my options. An apartment was out of the question, so I figured my way out was to pledge in a frat. Pledge week was coming up fast, so I started to ask around on what would be the best frat to pledge. I checked out a few and finally found one that let freshmen move into the frat house after pledging. It was a small fraternity, only about twenty guys and was considered the "nerd" frat. Fine by me, I was a bit of a nerd myself.

So, pledge week came around and I visited the Omega House on the first night of pledging. I walked in the door. "Hi, I'm Dave" I said to the first I met. They were having a small - no booze or anything, it was pretty boring. I spent most of the evening talking to a couple of seniors. They seemed like pretty decent guys and after an hour or so, they decided that I was Omega material so I was invited to come back the following evening.

I arrived at the Omega House at 8PM promptly and was met at the door by one of the seniors I had spoken to the night before. His name was Kevin. He was an Emo dude- dark shaggy hair, bangs covering most his face, with multiple tattoos and piercings, black t-shirt, tight black jeans, about 6' tall and all of 125 lbs. Only two other guys were pledging, one I had met before who lived on the same floor I did in the dorm. They led us into the basement of the house- an old Victorian on the edge of the campus. Kevin, Rich and Tom- the three senior members of the frat were standing in the middle of a large rec room with a pool table and a couple of old, torn up couches. The three seniors were sitting on one of the couches and we were told to stand in front of them.

Kevin spoke first. "Here's how it's gonna work. For the next three days you will be pledging. You will be staying here in the house. You are to follow every order we give you without question. Each one of you will be assigned one of us as your Brother. You will basically be the slave to your Big Brother for the next three days. Not following an order will result in punishment. You will follow your Big Brother wherever he goes, always walking at least three steps behind. You will sleep on the floor of your Big Brother's room. I repeat- you will follow EVERY order your Big Brother gives you- no sass, no talking back. You will speak only if spoken to. Do you understand? Answer "YES BIG BROTHERS" if you do." We all answered as ordered.

I was assigned Kevin, the other two pledges, Mike and Dan, were assigned Rich and Tom respectively.

Tom spoke next. "The first order of business is for each of you to strip down to your underwear. You will give your Big Brother your clothes and they will not be returned to you until pledging is done!" Shit. Just my luck. I had thrown on the only clean underwear I had that morning- a pair of skimpy, tan bikini briefs. We all answered "YES, BIG BROTHER!" and started to strip down. Mike stripped down to a pair of white Y-fronts and Dan to a pair of baggy, plaid boxers. "Now, stand at attention!" Tom barked out.

Kevin looked at Tom. "Look at these pitiful idiots! Nice undies, Dave- did your mommy pick them out for you?" Kevin asked. I just answered "Yes, Big Brother!" and the three seniors laughed. I put my hands over my crotch and turned beet red. They had us stand there for a good hour, asking us questions about why we wanted to join the frat and about our backgrounds. I answered all the questions, no problems, but I soon realized that I really had to piss bad. Not evening thinking, I turned to Kevin and asked "Where's the bathroom? I really gotta go."

"DID I SPEAK TO YOU?" Kevin barked out. "What did I say? You are ONLY to speak if spoken to!" Fuck. I was the first to face punishment. "What are we going to do about that? Huh, Pledge?" Kevin asked. He thought for a second. "Brother Mike, pull down your underwear and get in front of Dave!" Dave looked at me with sort of a panicked look, and complied, dropping his his Y-fronts to his knees. "Brother Kevin! Stick your finger in his !" Oh shit- so it was going to be like this I thought. I reached down and put my finger between the cheeks of Mike's flat skinny ass. "I SAID IN HIS ASS, PLEDGE! NOT BETWEEN HIS CHEEKS!" Kevin barked out. Rich and Tom laughed. "I wanna see that finger knuckle deep!" Kevin commanded.

I pushed in and Mike let out a little cry of pain. My finger pushed through his hole and I buried it knuckle deep. "Now feel around in there then pull it out and stick it in your mouth!" I moved my finger around a bit, feeling the soft dampness of the Mike's rectum then I removed my finger and stuck it in my mouth, gagging a bit as I did. "Now," Kevin ordered, "You said you had to piss? Here, take this cup and piss in it then drink it all down- and don't spill a drop!" Kevin reached over to the table next to him, grabbed a solo cup and handed it to me. I hesitated a bit, then pulled my out of my underwear. All three short inches of it. I strained a bit then filled the cup almost to the brim and brought it to my mouth and started to gag a bit again. "DRINK IT DOWN, PIN DICK!" Kevin ordered. I slowly put the cup to my lips, tilted my head back and swallowed every last drop of piss. It tasted horrible.

Tom started to laugh his ass off, saying "I can't believe he drank it down!" I looked to the ground and frowned, thinking "What did I get myself into?"

Rich's turn was next. "Okay, pledges! Here's what your going to do. I want you all to stand in a circle and drop those underwear to your ankles then grab the brother's little pin dick next to you. The first one to get a boner has to suck the other two off!" The three of us looked at each other, then paused and dropped our underwear to our knees and formed a circle. Mike had a good-sized piece of meat between his legs, probably 5" and Dan was packing 4" uncut. I reached down and put my hand around Mike's shaft. Dan grabbed mine and Mike grabbed Dan's. Rich laughed. "Now feel up those pin dicks good!" I felt Dan start to squeeze my little dick and I started to squeeze Mike's. "KEEP IT UP, PLEDGES! Rich ordered.

Shit. I got lucky. I was concentrating like hell not to get hard but soon felt Mike's shaft stiffen and expand to 7", straight out and slender. "Looks like we got us a cock sucker!" said Rich as he laughed. "Mike- down on your knees! Dave gets it first!" Dan- you stand right next to Dave and start fingering his ass!" Mike turned beet red- I could see his heart pounding in his chest as he got to his knees and slowly stuck my tiny dick into his mouth. "SUCK IT, PLEDGE!" Rich shouted. I felt Dan's finger pushing into my hole as my cock came to life, expanding to barely 3.5" It did feel good. Dan's finger was now deep inside my hole, pushing against my prostate gland. I looked over towards Dan. He was staring intently at Mike sucking my cock, his own piece of meat slowly expanding, soon pointing straight up 6" in length. I looked down at Mike. His cock was still rock hard. It wouldn't be long and within seconds I let out a little moan.

"You gonna cum, Dave? Shoot it all over Mike's face!" shouted Rich. I pulled away from Mike just as four strong spurts of my thick, white load plastered his face. Rich smiled. "Now suck off Brother Dan. Brother Dave, put your finger in Dave's ass knuckle deep and feel around good in there!" Mike complied, moving over to Dan's twitching cock and within a minute he blasted his load all over Mike's face. "Now Brother Mike, you are going to leave that cum on your face for the next three days. You hear me?" Rich shouted. "YES BIG BROTHER!" Mike answered.

We were ordered to pull our underwear back up as Kevin poured three solo cups full of cheap tequila. "Now chug these down!" Kevin ordered, handing us the cups. I lifted the cup to my lips. I had never been a drinker- about the only alcohol I ever had was beer I had snuck out of the fridge at home. I started to chug. It burned like hell going down, but I drank it all and started to cough and gag like crazy once I finished. Mike and Dan were doing the same.

The hazing continued for another two hours. We were ordered to do pushups a couple times, rub each other's balls in our faces, lick each other's asses, and spank each other's bare asses until they turned bright red, among other things. After it was over, we were ordered to follow our Big Brothers to their rooms. We passed through the living room on the way up. The rest of the brothers were sitting watching TV and drinking beer. Before we headed up we were ordered to kiss each of the brother's bare asses, right on their holes then we were marched up to the bedrooms on the second floor.

On the way to Kevin's room, we passed by the bathroom. Kevin ordered me into the bathroom, told take off my underwear and sit on the toilet. He stepped in front of me and unzipped his tight jeans, reaching in and pulling out his cock. Fuck. That was the biggest piece of meat I had ever seen in my life. It had to be 7" long and two inches across. He held it out and strained for a second as I looked at that cock in wonder. A thick, deep yellow stream of piss jetted from his piss slit, drenching my chest. He just stood there laughing as he soaked me with warm piss, aiming it up at my face and then down at my tiny little cock.

He finished off, then barked out "Now lick it clean!" I reached over and grabbed his shaft and tongued the last few drops of piss from his slit. He reached over and grabbed a towel off the rack and threw it at me. "Now dry off" he stated, as he pulled down his pants and sat on the toilet. I dried off as he grunted out a load of shit into the toilet then stood, grabbed a wad of toilet paper, handed it to me and turned, bending over slightly. "Wipe my ass and kiss it when your done," he ordered and I reluctantly complied. He pulled up his pants, flushed the toilet and ordered me to follow him into his room.

We got into the room and he reached into the closet and threw an old, torn up blanket on the floor. "There's your bed," he stated and started to get undressed. I sat on the edge of his bed silently as he stripped down. "Know what, Little Brother?" he said to me once he got undressed. I pretty much knew what was coming. "I'm feeling like a little pussy tonight. I bet yours is nice and tight, isn't it?"

"Yes, Big Brother" I answered.

"Well, tell you what. You drop those underwear and bend over my desk." I slowly stood and walked over to the desk, pulled down my skimpy underwear and bent over. I looked back at Kevin. He spit into his hand, reached down and started to stroke that massive shaft. I watched in harden until it stood straight up, not growing much in length but expanding to almost three inches across. Fuck. He spit into his hand again and lubed up his cock some more.

"Spread 'em" he said softly and I reached back and spread my cheeks. I felt a slight pressure against my pucker as the tip of that rock hard pole pushed against me. Slowly he pushed in. I felt a burst of pain, then he pushed his shaft all the way in, balls deep. The pain slowly subsided and soon the only sound in the room was my moaning and the slapping of his groin against my ass. After what seemed an eternity he said,

"Now turn around and get on your knees and shove my cock as far in your mouth as it will go." I took his meat and passed it through my lips, tasting the tangy funk of my ass juices coating his shaft. I felt his cock start to pulsate then wave after wave of slightly sweet tasting thick ball juice filled my mouth. He withdrew his cock. "Now swallow it" he stated. I gulped it down and stood. Kevin gave me a sharp slap across my ass, then climbed into his bed. I laid down on the floor next to his bed, silently thinking about what I was in for the next day.

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