Rest stop Fun

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I was 18 when I got into my dream school, I planned out my trip that was going to take about 17 hours. It was the most fun I ever had on a long distance road trip, I had to stop every few hours when I got extremely bored. I know it was risky but I had the money and wanted to knock out a lot of hours driving, so.. I got some yay, which in my case makes me really horny.

So I am white, about 140 in weight and pretty small like 4í9/5í0 with shoes on. I donít call myself gay but more bi than anything, I do really love to experiment with my gay side just cause Iím young. Iíve really only had sex with 2 guys before and that was mostly foreplay cause their cocks were pretty and I wanted my first one to be around 6inch with the perfect width.

At hour what felt like 100 but was only closer to 3, I felt a bit tired from starting my driving at 6am and planned to go to at least 12 I decided to take the next exit. About 3 mins later I see a sign that says rest stop so I get ready go take that exit. After parking I take my seat belt off and get to stretch, I sit sideways kind of, so Iím facing the passenger seat. I take out my coke and do a quick bump. After feeling that little rush I thought I should probably go to the bathroom so I can get going and knock off some hours driving. I lock my car and bend down to ďtie my shoe" but really I just put my keys in this part behind the wheel that hides them perfectly so I donít have anything on me when going to weird places.

Iím in the stall at the far end of the bathroom which was kind of bigger than the rest but not a handicap although if it was I couldn't tell cause the room was not greatly lit or even looked kept up on. After I sit down I really thought I had to go but just went #1. I hear the door open and a couple of voices talking to one another but I pay it no mind more than that. Iím just about done and Iím looking around and I see 3 holes to my left all in a row and then I see some movement through a couple of them but then look back ahead. I finish up and flush and as I turn to my right there is a big in the hole closet to the wall and even though it was semi-hard, it was about 5 inches.

I was feeling horny but wasnít sure about his friends and what they would do if I just run out or even start sucking his dick. I decided to just suck him cause I was feeling just more and more horny each time I looked at his man meat. I start sucking and it grows quick to itís full 7 inches but a pretty good size width. He was moaning and I guess his friends heard like I thought they would and look to see his stall door open and saw him pants down moving his hips and joined in.

A minute later two monster cocks were put through the remaining holes in the stall wall. One was about 9 inches and a red bull width around. The second somehow was even bigger and I just held it in disbelief cause it was semi-hard but about 11 inches and a soda can width around which was getting bigger. I kept thinking why did I start this cause if they want to fuck Iím not going to be able to take them I mean maybe the first but it would still hurt a lot.

I stand up and say Iím sorry guys but I would only be able to just suck you guys off maybe, so if thatís okay Iíll stay but if not Iíll leave now please. I guess they looked at each other and two kind of said together ďnah , you are staying here and sucking then fucking our big dicksĒ. I was really worried so I tried to run, I unlocked the door ready to just bolt and I got maybe 3 feet before one guy grabbed the back of my shirt pulling me to the ground just under his massive 11 inch dick.

I looked up and said ďplease donít fuck me, I have never had sex with a cock that big and those 3 monsters would split me in two so please just let me goĒ I pleaded as a few years rolled down my checks. They all laughed as they were gathered around me as if to say you can not run out of this and you will be used as our rag doll on our huge cocks.

The 3 guys whom were about to make me cum slit were Peter who had the 7 inch dick, Derek who had the 9 inch dick and the biggest of the 3 was king which was befitting considering how his dick was now that it is fully erect, it stood out at 12 inches and the width was equal to that of a soda can which really scared me. Derek was right in front as he shoved his hard dick right in my mouth which I tried to enjoy. I kept thinking well if this is going to happen at least Iím on some yay and it will numb the pain a little bit so I might as well let loose and really get into it.

I was downing about 5 or 6 inches of Derek's hot cock while Peter was behind me playing with my and King was off to the right side of me while I jacked him off. Peter who had the smallest of the 3 cocks had some lube thank god! I was really worried they were only going to use spit so he lubed up his cock played around with my hole like running the shaft against my hole.

Without warning he shoved his cock all the way down, sunk deep into me and I put both my hands on the floor and kiss floor as the pain of it was so sudden. I push up but had help as Derek lifted my head back to his cock and put his head back in so as Derek and Peter both spit roast me with there big cocks and I start to enjoy it, King walks over to my back side, kneels down and stops Peter from fucking me because King wants to fuck meÖ next story will be called King takes pawn.

If you want to hear the end of this story then please let me know in either the comments below or at this email tokin8919 at Yahoo. I hope to hear from you soon on whether you like it so far or not and will check messages daily so I know if itís a good story plot or should I change anything. Hope you guys have an awesome as you are day.

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