Rian and Me

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I wiped the table clean with the old rag and finished up cashing all the checks in they received for the day. I took my apron off with the restaurants name on the front "Zells" Soon after i swept up the restaurants floors and wiped the tables clean the last member of the crew stood watching me smiling. "Are you done yet Jay?" Rain asked. I sneered at him and replied with a yes.

Afterward Rian and I grabbed a couple beers and watched a porn at my apartment. My tight jeans i liked to wear abused my hard erection. Rian smiled when i adjusted myself "looks like your having a problem there kid. Want me to help?" I looked at him and grimaced "no you sick fuck I'm not gay." Rian shrugged and got up to grab another beer. When he returned he was adjustin his erection in his pants. "damn the porn really makes ya hard doesn't it?" I nodded returning my glance to the porn, my hard aching you be free. "Hey man you don't care if i unload myself right here do you?" I nodded wanting to free myself too.

When Rian whipped out his hard 8 inches I couldn't help but watch him, this guys was awesome! A little too afraid to pull my own 7.5 inches out i watched the porn with hatred of my shyness. Soon Rians jizz was un loading on his hand and scrolling down his cock onto his thick patch of pubic hairs. Rian moaned as more man juiced flowed from his cock covering his hand of it. "damn man i gotta go clean up I'll be right back." I just nodded surprised my own cock was getting hard by watching him shoot.

When Rian closed the bathroom door i whipped out my huge cock and worked furiously at it. My dick was slightly bent to the left because i always worked with my right and my lean figure with my 16 year old abs tightened as i came close to erupting. "what are you doing man?" Rian asked me. I hadn't even heard the bathroom door open i was so into it. "want me to help you with that?" before i could reply Rian was in front of me and was pulling my tight pants down to my ankles and then pulls my boxers down next and completely removed both of them. I was so surprised and confused.

Rian's buff figure leaned over meh and stroked my dick slowly with his huge muscular hand. I rested my hands on his chisled shoulders and thrusted my hips making my cock shove into his fist. Then i moaned and Rian grinned evilly. "damn you horny bastard you want more?" I groaned louder and nodded not so sure of my decision but my cock was feeling so good!

Rian lowered his head and i felt his cool lips kiss my cock teasing it. he kissed down to the shaft and licked my balls one by one. Soon i was moaning in ecstacy and started thrusting my cock at his face. He wrapped his lips around my dome shaped head and sucked it in glidding it over his teeth bitting down playfully. He sucked in more and took in half my cock my moans were muffled by the moans from the porn on. What was he letting Rian do? he wasn't gay! This felt so good though he wanted more! needed more! As Rian licked and sucked my cock i pulled his shirt up to his neck then over his head and was surprised at Rians hard muscular build. His sweet rounded pecs made me hornier then ever then his tight buff abs sealed off the package, or so i thought. Rian dropped meh from his mouth and undid his pants and threw me laying on my back on the couch. His force was hard and rough and he kicked his pants off and jumps on me straddling my stomach and pulls on my tight work shirt. He pulled it up over my head and leans down and licked my hardening nipples. My body wasn't as strong as rians and he could easily over power me if i struggled. Also my nipples weren't as rounded and muscular as his making me slightly embarrassed at my body.

Rian stopped sucking my nipples and moved up to me laying his heavy body on mine. Our nipples pushing against each other and his hard erection in his boxers messed with my hard cock. His lips pressed down on mine and i just layed limply not responding. he slipped his tongue on my lips and i opened my mouth to protest this but he slipped his tongue into my mouth. Soon i gave in and sucked on his tongue shortly the hot kiss making both the boys hornier. Rian rubbed his hands up my chest and massaged my nipples when we kissed. he was so gentle yet powerful. And I loved it! i slid my hands around and clasped my hands together around him and pulled him closer and the exotic kiss moved into a frenzy of tongues and lips. Unfortunately Rian broke the kiss and opened the button in his boxers and his hard erection flopped out. Rian layed back down on Jay and kissed him passionately again. Rians Huge cock was poking at my stomach then rian moved it down to my . He never stopped the sexual kiss and i was loving him even more. I wrapped my hands around him again and rubbed his nice back lovingly up to his shoulders as he felt rians hand moving up and down his theigh.

Rian stuck his index finger out and pressed at Jays fuck chute. Pain filled jays body as rians finger went inside him and moved and twisted. When rian removed his finger Jay felt a sense of emptyness. Soon Two fingers invaded My fuck hole and moved evenly in and out. I tried to moad out but rians kiss held meh quiet.

Rian removed his fingers slowly and posistioned his dick at my ass. "no!" i tried to say but i couldn't. rians hard meat thrusted its head into my ass. The pain was terrible but soon pleasure ceased it. Rian pushes in deeper getting to 3 inches before i wailed in his mouth and grabbed his back and htrew rian onto me and i kissed him rougher and he took it as a sign of pleasure and rammed his whole rod into me. I screamed "NO!" and he shook his head and yanked my feet up and placed them right up to his shoulders. he used his two free hands and held meh down and pulled out of me and shoved back in. I moaned loving the sensation and eventually started whacking myself off. Rian hot rod slammed into my Prostate gland and i scremed in horrible pleasure. I was afraid that he might hurt me so i widened my legs more knowing i couldnt escape his hold and he fucked meh harder and more powerful each thrust was exhilerating. he slammed into my prostate gland throwing pleasure and pain into me.I was shivering all over and my hand worked harder at my cock, then i came a huge massive load all over my chest and face. Seeing Jay shoot turned Rian on even more and he tugged at jays balls making more cum shoot from his tip and he slammed into him hareder till finally he came into his ass. shooting blast after blast of hot jizz into his fuck chute. Cumm flowed down Rians long massive and he escaped from Jay and layed on him breathing heavilly. Rian planted a quick kiss on Jays lips and they fell asleep in each others arms.

Now who says friends cant be lovers?

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