Sex For The Guests!

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

As you know from my previous stories my girl and I live about 150 feet from a major freeway that runs by the front porch of our place. There also are some rural roads running along the back of out place.
there is a garden seat on our front porch where we will sit naked and masturbate for the cars passing on the freeway. Side by side we would sit, me with my as hard as a rock and her with her legs
spread wide rubbing her pretty little pussy clit with her titties hanging down. Her shaved pussy could turn on a dead man!!

After about 15 minutes my girl would lay on the porch with her legs spread wide so all could see and I would straddle her body and titty her while she tickled her clit for the folks. Then I would lower my hard cock into her eager mouth and let her work over my throbbing cock and balls, sucking and licking until I shot my cum into her mouth and all over her face. She would lick ever bit of
cum up and swallow it all. Many times people who loved to watch sex would stop and we'd let them take pictures of us in various sexual positions. What fun!!

Then one day a couple, Mac and Dawn stopped to take some pics. The was a tall, good looking guy with a bulge in his pants that wouldn't quit. No problem telling what he wanted. His girl was great looking with big titties. She teased me by pulling up her skirt and showing me her shaved pussy, spreading its beautiful lips. My girl had the guy stand in front of her where she eagerly opened and dropped his pants to the ground. His big hard cock sprung out of his pants in her face. She took in her hands and played and fondled it 'til it was hard as a rock. Then she started working is cock with her mouth, licking the length of his shaft and sucking it hard while fondling his great balls. Then she reversed her position and squatted her pussy over his mouth so he could lick her little clit. He went to work on her clit and she was loving it as she feverishly sucked his big cock. Then, all of a sudden he sent a fountain of his cum into her mouth and on her face with some dripping down his long shaft. She licked it all up and swallowed it all.

Meanwhile Dawn and I were having at it. I was laying on my back and she hovered over me dropping her huge tits on my face so I could lick and suck the nipples. I worked her titties over good as she fondled my hard cock. Then she reversed her position and spreading her legs wide she lowered her hot, wet pussy onto my mouth. I licked and sucked her hard little clit as she moaned with pleasure and started sucking my cock with a passion. I 69! She knew how to give great head, licking up and down my shaft, licking and sucking my balls! I layed her on her back and squatting over her I titty fucked her hard and then moved my hard cock to her mouth and faced fucked her.

I was close to cumming so I got her on her hands and knees, her huge titties hanging down, and in a doggy fashion shoved my throbbing cock into her dripping, hot pussy. What a great fuck she was! Then she asked me to fuck her in her . I pulled my hard cock from her hot pussy and slowly pushed it into her tight little asshole. Sodomy was her favorite fuck and we fucked for about 5 minutes. I flipped her over on her back and squatting over her I jacked my hot cum into her eager mouth, on her face and on her big titties. She took care of it, swallowing it all.

Now comes a real great part of this encounter. We decided to rest for a few and layed back on the floor. The girls lay there next to each other with their legs spread showing those pretty little pussies. Mac and I lay next to each other. I looked at Mac laying their, his big cock laying on his belly. I was getting hard real fast looking at his cock so I gently took his cock in my hands and began to fondle his big cock and balls. He responded by gentle masturbating my hard cock.I was hot as I've ever been. Meantime the girls were having a ball sucking each others' titties and fingering each other's pussy.Watching them use dildo was great! They'd push it in and fuck each other for a few seconds, then withdraw the dildo and suck it. Next they'd go 69 working over each other's clit. I wanted to suck Mac's cock really bad so we got into a 69 position, him on top.

He lowered his cock and balls onto my face and I licked and sucked his great balls. Then, adjusting my position, I took his cock into my mouth and began to suck it good. He responded by sucking my hard cock and licking my baiis. Upand down on my throbbing cock. The girls were having orgasm licking each others pussy and butt fucking each other with the dildos. All of a sudden I felt Mac's cock swell even bigger as he shot a gusher of his delicious cum into my mouth and on my face. That triggered me off as I shot my load into Mac's mouth. He took my load and showing it to me in his mouth, swallowed my load. I licked up all of Mac's cum. The girls loved watching us and gave us a proper applause!!

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