Spanish Holiday : Part 1

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I looked over my shoulder into the mirror on my hotel room watching that big juicy latino going in and out, in and out of my , slow but good, i closed my eyes and felt he's strong hands on my back pushing me down on he's big cock while i was riding him.

''mmh yeah, don't ever stop it Raul, just keep on fucking me!'' i moaned in pure peasure while he kissed my chest and looked me in the eyes.

''sorry Jonas but i have to be back in the bar in ten minutes, but after my shift i have all night to play with you!''

My dick got harder and i could slowly feel my cum runing out of my cock and all over he's six packed and tanned stomach.

''mmmh fuck yeah Raul give it to me!'' i screamed.

He then stopped fucking my ass and pushed me all the way down on he's big cock ''aha!' i screamed again while moving my ass in circles with he's big cock inside me, without a warning i felt him cumming inside me.

''aaah aah i'm cumming'' he said while i kissed he's lipps.

I could feel all of the cum runing out of my ass ''aaah baby cum in my ass'' i said while still kissing him.

He lifted me off of he's cock and sperm dripped out of my open hole, he laid down on he's back exhausted after fucking for two hours, i licked he's chest clean of my own sperm and kissed him , he then rushed out for a quick shower leaving me on the bed, i was laying on my stomach looking into the white wall for about five minutes until he came out from the shower, he walked over to me and kissed me from my back and down to my ass.

''when i come back i will fuck your little round ass all the night to the sun comes up'' he said and left my hotel room.

I looked at the clock, 00:14 AM, he wouldn't be back from the bar before 04:00 AM or something like that, so i showered and got in some tight sitting close.
I went downstairs to the lobby and into the hotel's club, the club Raul bartended in.
I still had the ticket Raul gave to me when he seduced me earlier that night so i could walk right in, i walked into the club hall and could here the loud music play while sudden, someone slapped my ass so hard that i moaned a bit ''aah!''.

''i love you tight shorts'' a said.

I turned around looking at him, he was tall and really muscular not Spanish or but still very hot.

''so what is your name sexy?'' he said while smiling dirty at me.

I grapped he's cock outside he's pants and whispered in he's ear

''if you buy me a drink i might tell you, and maybe i do more to you!''.

He didn't say anything, he just took me into the bar and bought me what i wanted, then we sat down to talk.

''my name is Jonas'' i said while drinking my drink.

''im James, so, do you have a room in the hotel Jonas?''.

''yes i do James, what about you? and where a you from?''.

''yes, room number 213, my wife and kids are sleeping right now, so i thought why not have some fun! and i'm from USA, what about you?''

The words wife and kids turned me on right away, just imagine fucking a married guy while he's wife and kids are at sleep made me hot as hell.

''well James i'm from Denmark, and i hunger for some big and juicy American meat, and my room number is 645, i live all by my self!, so if you feel like greasing you big gun then come visit me James i'm all greased up. But now let's go to the bathroom!'' i whispered to him while kissing he's neck gently.

We rushed out to the men's room and found a toilet booth, we quickly looked the door and i got James's pants off, i could see he's big cock getting harder and harder through he's underpants, i licked he's cock outside the underpants and it got bigger and bigger just revealing the head over he's underpants, i licked he's head tasting the pre-sperm before ripping he's underwear off and jerking off that big dick while licking the head.

''aaah Jonas, just suck my dick!'' he said while moaning alot.

I was spitting in my hand and jerking him off again just before licking he's balls, i licked and sucked he's balls while jerking him off and by the sounds he made and the looks he gave me i could see he enjoyed it, i then licked from bottom to top of he's giant meat stick before putting my lipps around he's head and slowly deep throating him, i deep throated him all the way down on he's big cock and then back up, again very slowly, when i removed my lipps from he's cock it was all wet and spit was dripping from it, i then started sucking it good, wet and hard.

''aaaaah aah aah ooh my god that is good, you are better than my wife Jonas, you are one little sexy slut aren't you'' he said.

I was sucking he's cock deep and hard and had been doing it for some minutes now, when he said to me.

''i'm cumming! i'm cumming! ooh my god suck it harder''

I kept on sucking him and when i tried to deep throat him he came in my mouth, it felt good the way he's hot sperm was runing down my throat and filing my mouth, i sucked he's cock clean and swallowed he's sperm, i looked down and saw the big pool of spit and seemen that was covering the toilet booth floor, i got up and kissed James.

''come to my room somtime James, then i'll be your slut all night long, can't wait for your cock to fil me out'' i said and walked back to the club.

I got to the bar and sat for a minute before James came out from the bathroom and walked by me, he spanked my ass gently while smiling at me, then he left the club, i saw Raul was standing in the other end of the bar and mixing drinks, i watched he's big tanned arms throwing the bottles around in the air when the other bartender came up to me.

''hey Jonas what can i get you, ooh and i heard you and Raul had some fun in you room tonight'' he said to me.

''yeah we had some fun, why Geraldo?, you wanna try me on huh? wanna fuck my tight ass?'' i said in a flirty tone.

''i would love to give you a try! but i don't have the time yet, sorry Jonas but maybe another day'' he said with tempting eyes.

''not even ten minutes Geraldo? just your fingers then! pleease Geraldo!'' i begged.

He grabbed my arms and got me on the other side of the bar, we walked into a small room with some crates and boxes on the floor, there where a watch hanging on the wall, 01:18 AM, i was still so horny after sucking James's big cock, i didn't got a change to think before Geraldo lifted me up on a crate and ripped off my shorts, i lifted my legs in the air while playing with my dick, Geraldo got on he's knees and licked my ass.

''ooohh Geraldo! tounge my ass! ah ah ah'' i moaned.

He licked for some time and when my ass was wet and ready he pushed two fingers up in me.

''aaaah yeah finger my ass!'' i screamed in pleasure.

He worked he's fingers around my ass really good and touched all the right spot's inside me, it was so good feeling he's warm and big fingers in my ass while i jerked my cock off, he pushed he's two fingers all the way up in my wet ass, i couldn't hold back anymore so i came all over my self in a huge orgasm, i was shaking and had this amazing feeling thru my body and my cum was streaming out of my cock and dripped down on the crate and the floor.
He took he's fingers in my mouth and i licked them clean tasting my own ass juicy, then he kissed me and got back to the bar.

''see your later Jonas'' he said and left.

I still laid on the crate covered in my own seemen and was still having an orgasm, after a minute or two i got my self together and took my close on, i walked out in the bar and over to Raul.

''Raul i'm going to my room, are you joining me after your shift?'' i said to him.

''yeah baby, i'm gonna fuck your sexy ass so hard all night!'' he whispered in my ear.

''see you at 04:00 AM then?, i am gonna be all naked for you my latino lover'' i whispered back to him.

''see you sexy'' he said and kissed me quickly.

I left the club and walked to my room, locked my door and took all of my close off and looked at the clock again, 01:46 AM, still two hours too go, couldn't wait for Raul to come up and fuck me.

To be continued...

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