Star Wars: The Porne Awakens - Part 3

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

With the successful test of their new sextrooper, FACTION X plans to unleash their new army against the RESISTANCE.

Poe Dameron is plotting to escape his captors when he receives some unexpected help...

Poe Dameron is sitting in his cell when suddenly the door opens and a storm trooper walks in. “Haven't you guys done enough with me”, Poe sarcastically asked the trooper. “If you want to get out of here”, the trooper started, “you'll have to follow my lead.” Poe was confused. “Who are you”, he asked. The trooper removed his helmet. “It's me”, he replied. “JK-1701.”

“Why are you doing this”, Poe asked. “Because”, JK-1701 replied, “I was raised to do one thing, but it's not to fight. I can help you infiltrate the station. You just have to trust me.” He put his helmet back on, grabbed Poe's arm, and helped him up. Then he put handcuffs on his wrists. “You ready”, asked JK-1701. “Do I have a choice”, asked Poe.

“Just one thing though”, said Poe. “Is your designation the only name you have?” “I'm afraid so”, said JK-1701. “They never bothered to give us real names.” “Well”, said Poe, “would it be alright if I called you for short?” JK-1701 chuckled. “I like that”, he said. With that said, Poe walked in front of Jock as he pointed his blaster at his back and headed down the corridor.

“Where are you taking me”, asked Poe. “There's an armour closet not far from here”, said Jock. “If you're gonna board the station, you need to look like one of us.” After walking down 15 sections, they stop in front of a large door. Jock enters a code on the control pad and the door opens revealing a brightly lit room with not only storm trooper gear but a of storm troopers fucking each other.

As Poe and Jock stood there watching, they began rubbing each other's bulges. “Fuck it”, they both said as they walked in. Jock removed his helmet, fell to his knees, and pulled down Poe's pants to his feet. He put his in his mouth and began to slobber on it. “Oh fuck”, moaned Poe. Jock licked all over his hard cock while stroking his own.

Poe and Jock moved to a bench where they then got on top of each other in a 69 position. Both men began moaning so loud that the other stormtroopers took notice and walked towards them. “Want more cock”, asked one trooper. “Fuck yeah”, replied Jock with a moan as he put the trooper's cock in his wet mouth. Another trooper shoved his cock inside Poe's mouth. “Yeah, fuck my face”, he moaned.

Jock then slid Poe's pants off completely, lifted his legs up, and began his hole. A trooper took this opportunity to fuck Jock's hot . He slid his cock inside him as Jock moaned loudly. At this point, Poe was having storm trooper cocks shoved in his face. As Jock was getting his ass fucked, he began sliding his cock inside Poe's ass as well.

“Oh, fuck my ass”, Poe moaned out as he was slobbering on the other trooper's cocks. Jock shoved his cock in deeper while at the same time he kept going deeper on the trooper's cock. The other trooper's began their cocks over Poe's face. “Yeah, shoot your loads”, Poe moaned as he stuck his wet tongue out. The troopers then shot their loads all over his face, most of it landing on his tongue.

The trooper fucking Jock pulled his cock out and shot a big load on his ass. Jock kept fucking Poe's ass before shooting a massive load inside his hole. “Oh, fuck”, moaned Jock. “That was hot”. “We need more Resistance prisoners”, a trooper said. They then fixed themselves and left the room. “Just between you and me”, said Jock to Poe, “that cum in your ass has a serum that will counteract the effects of our sextroopers.”

“Well”, said Poe, “before I get too full of trooper juice, I better get changed.” Jock showed him their latest armour design. This design featured a helmet with more of a smile added to it's frown. Poe got himself armoured up and both him and Jock left the room and headed for the hangar bay.

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