Star Wars: The Porne Awakens - Part 4

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

With the help of a defecting storm trooper, Poe Dameron has disguised himself and boarded a transport bound for Station D'embra.

Meanwhile, Faction X has taken a valuable hostage and are about to show him the real power of their new army...

As Poe Dameron walks off his transport, he begins to make his way through the hanger bay and down a nearby corridor. He goes to enter a restricted area when he gets stopped by the lieutenant on duty.

“I'm sorry, trooper”, says the officer, “but this area is restricted to high ranking troopers only.” “I, uh, was summoned by General Tylax as the new elite trooper”, Poe hesitantly responded. The lieutenant just stared at him. “Would you mind providing some sort of security clearance”, he asked. “I might be able to work something out”, Poe seductively replied.

Poe removed his crotch plate and whipped out his hard . He forced the officer's mouth onto it. All the lieutenant could do was choke on Poe's cock. He pulled back for a brief moment to catch his breath. “Oh , trooper”, he moaned. “Give me that cock.” He stuck his wet tongue out as Poe slapped his cock against it.

As the lieutenant put Poe's cock back in his wet mouth, he whipped out his 6” cock and started to jerk it. He was loving Poe's cock so much he didn't even realize he was blowing the pilot in the Resistance. “Oh fuck”, moaned Poe. “I'm gonna cum!” The lieutenant stroked faster. “Give me that hot cum, trooper”, he moaned. As he stuck his tongue back out, Poe shot out a nice, large load of cum all over the lieutenant's face, most of it hitting his tongue.

“Oh I'm gonna cum”, the lieutenant moaned. He shot out a large load of his own cum, getting some on his . “Your clearance seems to check out, trooper”, he said. As he watched Poe put his cock away, he noticed that he was wearing Resistance briefs under his armour, but shrugged it off. Poe then put his crotch plate back on and continued down the corridor.

Meanwhile, a Faction X sextrooper opens a detention cell door and walks in. “Jalen Solo”, he calls out, “second cousin of former Rebellion general, Han Solo, you are to be incarcerated for attempting to break into the archives of Faction X.” He pulls out a small needle from his right sleeve and injects it into Jalen's neck. Suddenly, Jalen reached for the sextrooper's bulge and started playing with it.

Elsewhere, Poe is after shooting down a number of stormtroopers when he reaches the detention section. He hears loud moans coming from one of the cells. Heading down another couple of short corridors, he finds the cell with Jalen giving head to his sextrooper. Aroused by this, Poe removes his crotch plate and begins touching himself.

Jalen notices Poe whipping his cock out and waves for him to come over. He quickly puts his lips around Poe's hard cock. As he slobbers all over it, Poe secretly slips out a small needle with a counteracting serum which he had extracted earlier. He injects it in the back of Jalen's neck, but he doesn't feel it as he's too busy slobbering on both Poe's and the trooper's cocks.

The sextrooper pushes Jalen onto the bench with his legs up and slides his cock inside his waiting hole. “Oh, fuck me, trooper”, he moans out loud. He then put Poe's cock back in his mouth as the trooper pounds his . “Take that cock”, said the trooper, “you slutty smuggler.” All Jalen could do was moan as his ass got a good pounding.

“Get on all fours, slut”, the trooper ordered. Jalen complied and got on his hand and knees as he opened his ass for his captor. “Yea, trooper”, he moaned. “Fuck my ass!” As he was getting another good pounding, he started Poe's hard cock. After a while, Poe felt his balls tightening. “Fuck, I'm gonna cum”, he moaned. His cock shot out a large load of hot cum all over Jalen's face and tongue.

The trooper then began fucking Jalen on his back again. Jalen started jerking off his cock. “Oh, I'm gonna shoot”, he said as he covered his own body in his own cum. “Give me your cum, trooper”, he moaned. “Fill my ass.” The trooper then shot a large load inside the smuggler's hole. Suddenly, the trooper grabbed his chest and collapsed. Poe looked over his dead body. “I guess the excitement was too much for him to handle”, he joked.

Jalen started getting his clothes back on. “I know you're no storm trooper”, he said. “I have partial schematics for this station and need to get them to the Resistance base on D'Qar.” Poe then removed his helmet. “Look no further”, he said, “for I am with the Resistance.” “So how do we escape”, Jalen asked. “Leave that to me”, said Poe, as he put his helmet back on. He than cuffed Jalen's hands behind his back, grabbed his arm, and they made their way out of the detention block.

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