Star Wars: The Porne Awakens

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. . . .


Episode VI.V


It is a dark time for the RESISTANCE.
Although the Galactic Empire had been crushed once and for all, several factions have broken out across the galaxy.

One of these factions, referred to only as FACTION X, has been secretly experimenting with the development of a STORM TROOPER ARMY with a very high yet deadly sex drive.

Leia Organa, now a Resistance General, has sent her most daring pilot to D'embra to uncover the mystery surrounding Faction X and bring order to the galaxy...

D'embra: an ocean planet with cities both above and underwater. Either way is sure to make for a beautiful view. Orbiting the far side of the planet lies Station D'embra, a research and development facility belonging to Faction X, one of the many factions that have broken out from the now fallen Galactic Empire.

Resistance pilot Poe Dameron is en route when he gets engaged into a skirmish with some Faction X Tie Fighters. He manages to fight off a few but his X-Wing becomes badly damaged in the process. Suddenly, a Faction X Star Destroyer jumps out of hyperspace and takes both the damaged fighter and its pilot captive.

Handcuffed, Poe is escorted to the bridge by two storm troopers where he comes face to face with General Neevan, Commander of the Star Destroyer Extractor. Neevan struck Poe in the face with the back of his fist. “Resistance slime”, the General hissed. “Take him to a detention cell.” The storm troopers acknowledge, and escort their valuable prisoner off the bridge.

The troopers tossed their prisoner into a cell and stood guard from the inside. “You guys can't trust an unarmed prisoner anymore, can you”, Poe asked, sarcastically. “We can't take any chances, sir”, replied Trooper 1. Poe walked up to the trooper and asked for his designation. “JK-1701, sir”, the trooper replied. Poe looked at the other trooper and asked him for his designation also. “I am RKO-2004, sir”, replied Trooper 2. “Well, guys”, Poe started. “Since it looks like I'm going to be here for a while, I'll just sit here on this bench and let you guys have your way with me.”

With that said, both troopers looked at each other. “Well”, started JK-1701, “it has been a long day.” RKO-2004 agreed. “We need some fun, too”, he said. Both troopers removed their helmets, revealing their true sexy faces. They got on their knees and started undoing Poe's pants, pulling them to his ankles. In front of their faces now was his 7” cut . Both troopers began licking the shaft and head, making it all nice and wet.

“Oh, fuck, that's hot”, Poe moaned out. He slid off his jacket while the troopers slid his boots off so they could slide his pants off completely. Both troopers pulled out their own 7” cut cocks. RKO-2004 kept slobbering on Poe's cock while JK-1701 moved on top of Poe and slid his cock inside Poe's wet mouth. As all three men were enjoying this, RKO-2004 moved down further, lifting Poe's legs in the air, and began his tight hole.

“Let's teach this Resistance scum a lesson”, said JK-1701. With that said, Poe started sucking on RKO-2004's wet cock while JK-1701 gently slid himself inside Poe's tight . “Oh, fuck”, he moaned out loud. “Give it to me, trooper.” Poe was really enjoying being used by two hot storm troopers. JK-1701 started thrusting faster inside Poe, making him moan louder as he slobbered over RKO-2004's cock.

The two troopers then switched positions, with RKO-2004 getting Poe to kneel on the bench while JK-1701 knelt in front of him, forcing his cock into his overly wet mouth. “Fuck that ass, trooper”, Poe moaned out. “We give the orders here”, said JK-1701. “Now stroke your cock.” Poe complied and started his hard cock.

RKO-2004 forcefully inserted himself inside Poe's now loosened hole. Poe was now moaning at the top of his lungs, which caused officers and troopers walking by to stop for a brief second. As RKO-2004 fucked his hole, Poe was slobbering over the cock of JK-1701 while stroking his own.

The two troopers then pushed Poe onto the floor, landing on his back. RKO-2004 lifted Poe's legs and again began fucking his loose ass, while JK-1701 began face-fucking the Resistance pilot. “Oh fuck”, moaned Poe. “I'm gonna shoot!” Poe then shot out a large load of hot cum all over himself. Both troopers then began jerking their cocks while kneeling over Poe's cum covered body. They both shot out their loads, covering Poe in their own hot cum.

“Let that be a lesson”, said RKO-2004, “to the Resistance.” Both troopers put their armour back on and left the cell of their cum-covered prisoner.

*** Part 2

Poe Dameron has just had the sex of his life with the enemy of the RESISTANCE and is now plotting his escape from his captors.

Meanwhile, FACTION X is planning to use a captured smuggler as a test subject as they release one of their new SEX TROOPERS. . . .

Aboard Station D'embra, two storm troopers drag a young, blonde smuggler into a brightly lit corridor, where General Tylax, commander of the station, awaits. “Finally”, said Tylax, “we have the infamous Brake Raysailor. Scavenger turned smuggler. Wanted in 9 systems.”

“How the hell do you know about me”, asked Brake. “Your cousin has mentioned you a few times”, Tylax answered. Brakes eyes opened in surprise. “Did you think we wouldn't know your true bloodlines”, asked Tylax. “I was told I had no other family”, said Brake.

“Your cousin”, said Tylax, “Arildo Raysailor, was found adrift in an escape pod about 10 years ago. When we rescued her, she was unconscious. Turned out she had suffered heavy memory loss. When she came to, we gave her the name Ericka Phasma. For the last few years, she's been helping us develop a new army of troopers, which is why you're here.”

“I will never do anything to help Faction X”, snarled Brake. “I've heard rumors”, said Tylax, “that you like to, shall I say, play around with other men. Our new troop army has a very high sexual drive, so high it's deadly.” Tylax pulled out a needle hidden in his sleeve. Brake began struggling, but he was no match for the storm troopers holding him.

“It's just a little serum”, said Tylax, “to make you more cooperative.” Tylax injected the serum into Brakes neck. Within seconds, Brake gave in. “What must I do”, he asked. Tylax walked over to a wall panel. “I'll let our experiment answer that”, he replied. He pushed a button on the panel.

Suddenly, a hidden door opened, revealing a storm trooper of newer design. This storm trooper lacked a helmet and armour on its crotch. “I present to you”, said Tylax, “our new Sex trooper.” The trooper walked up to Brake as Tylax quietly walked out. He pushed a button that closed and locked all doors in that section.

Brake wasted no time in pulling out the troopers 7” cut cock. He began licking all over the shaft and head before putting the whole thing in his wet mouth. “Oh fuck, suck that cock”, the trooper whispered to himself. As he was giving the trooper an amazing blowjob, Brake pulled out his own 6” cut cock and began stroking himself.

Things started heating up as Brake began slobbering all over the troopers cock. He slid off his tunic and pulled down his pants to his ankles. “Fuck me, trooper”, he said as he leaned against he wall. The trooper complied and inserted his hard cock into the smugglers hot ass. Brake started moaning as the trooper began thrusting in and out of him.

“Fuck that ass”, moaned Brake. The trooper pushed him onto the floor, landing on his back. He lifted his legs up and reinserted his cock inside his now loose hole. Brake was stroking his cock as he was being fucked. “Fuck, trooper”, he moaned, “you're gonna make me shoot!” Brake let out one last loud moan as he shot out a large load of cum all over himself.

The trooper continued fucking his ass and let out a loud moan himself. He shot a large load of cum inside the smuggler. After pulling his cock out, Brake began experiencing sudden severe chest pains and collapsed. The trooper tapped Brakes now lifeless body with his and turned to a camera hidden within the walls and gave a thumbs up.

From another section of the station, General Tylax and Lt. Ericka Phasma were watching the whole time. Tylax grinned and chuckled in satisfaction. “I think our new army of troopers is ready”, he said, hoping that the Resistance would now think twice about opposing Faction X.

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