The Club

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

The club was jammed packed with guys. It was the night before the Pride Parade and we arrived at 11:00 PM, wanting to dance the night away, hit an early breakfast at Orphan Andy's then walk down to the City Hall Plaza and spend the day watching the entertainment on the main stage. We had to wait 20 minutes outside the door to get in. The place was beyond capacity and they were only letting guys in when enough people left to make room.

We entered. The music was thumping, so loud you couldn't hear yourself talk. Wall to wall were on the dance floor gyrating and jumping to the beat, all shirtless, arms in the air dancing like there was no tomorrow. We shoved our way over to the bar and ordered a round of beers then moved through the crowd. I was getting groped and -grabbed as we waded through the wall of sweat-covered, smooth chested men. My shirt was stuffed in the back pocket of my skin-tight jeans. Beneath them I was wearing a leather strap that showed off my bulging crotch. I was feeling up other guys' bulges as we moved through the crowd.

We approached the dance floor and pushed ourselves to the center. A Madonna extended play was blasting out the speakers and the room was awash with colored lights. I could smell the sweat of other guys near me. The incredibly next to me was dripping with sweat, his arms raised in the air as he moved to the beat. I leaned over and licked out his armpits. He smiled and laughed. The glorious funk of his pits filled my mouth and my thickened as I danced.

Another next to me had noticed me licking the twin's armpit and raised his arms and pointed at me, I eased over and buried my face in his left pit as he gyrated to the music, his musk filling my nose and sweat coating my tongue. He slipped his other hand to my waist and stuck it down my pants as I licked his armpit clean, then he was abruptly pulled away by his buddy, who was giving him a nasty look. Someone handed me a bottle of Rush. I spun the cap open- it dropped to the floor. I put it up to my nose and inhaled deeply. A wave of ecstasy filled my brain and I danced all the harder. I passed the bottle to my friend and he took a whiff and passed the bottle on.

Suddenly I looked over. A skinny, blond dude no more than 5'5" tall moved next to me. He had a streak of pink dye on each side of his hair. I looked him over- he was wearing nothing but a rainbow colored jock strap and the tip of his rock hard, seven inch cock was protruding from the top. Near him was a ginger-headed twink wearing a pair of Joe Boxer white briefs, sweat pouring from his body as he danced.

An older leather-clad guy with greying temples, covered with tattoos and piercing and wearing tight leather pants with the rear cut out exposing his ass moved in front of the blond and dropped to his knees, pulling down the blonde's jock strap. He plunged the 's cock into his mouth and started to madly work the kid's cock. Joe Boxers dropped his briefs, exposing 6" of , rock-solid meat sticking straight in the air. He approached the 's bare ass and plowed his manhood right into the Leather dude's firm, rounded ass as Leather dude sucked madly at the blonde's cock. A small circle formed around the three guys to look at the show they were putting on.

I moved to the Ginger-headed guy's side as he wildly fucked the leather dude and lifted his arm, burying my face into his armpit, licking away madly as I danced. Out of nowhere, suddenly two husky dudes appeared wearing t-shirts with large white letters spelling out SECURITY on the back. They pulled the Ginger away from the Leather dude and shouted something in his ear, then grabbing him and hauling him towards the doors. The Leather dude quickly stood, as the other Security guy grabbed his arm. Leather dude turned to me sticking out his tongue.

It was coated with thick, creamy cum. I quickly pressed my mouth into his and sucked the cum from his mouth as the Security guy hauled him away, grabbing the blond twink's arm as he went. Our lips quickly parted and I turned to my buddy with a huge grin on my face and continued dancing.

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