The Connoisseur: Flavor of Doctor

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

A year after the incident with Stanley, I started my quest of finding and fucking other prominent gay males in the area. Unfortunately to my luck there were but a scarce few roaming around. I had almost given up, thinking that Stanley and his sick twisted effect on me had won. That is, until I had learned of a certain at the local free clinic. Rumors had spread around the clubs, saying he was definitely gay, but completely unattainable. After hearing that news, I toasted a drink with my friends, swearing that I would have fucked the delicious doctor in less than a month.

The thing I had to do was figure out how I would get into his office. Easy enough, as I did not have a stable doctor at that time and it would be easy to set up an appointment. That led to my next dilemma, as I would have to come up with a good enough excuse to have this appointment. Luckily for me, my work had an annual physical form that would have to be filled out by a doctor. Although I was not scheduled for a couple months down the road, the forms were easy to get a hold of, and I quickly called to make an appointment for next week.

From the end of the telephone conversation with the secretary, until I walked into that office, I had staved off any sex or self-pleasuring I would usually be indulging in that time. I wanted my first claim to being the “Connoisseur of Fucks” to be a memorable one. I would be damned if I came up short in any way. I never found my thick eight inch or my lightly hairy balls to have problems, but one can never be too cautious when playing a game of life-altering proportions.

The day came for my appointment, and I made sure to dress in my tightest, most expensive outfit I owned, which turned out to be a green polo from Ralph Lauren, a pair of stone-washed jeans from Levi, and a pair of Nike’s sneakers. I also took this opportunity to fix my hair just right, a slightly messy and spiky do was solidified onto the top of my head with a massive amount of hair product before I took a final looked in the mirror and gave a nod of approval to the overall package. If this was not going to work, I might as well die right here and then.

I made my way to the clinic and stepped inside the office of where the doctor worked. I was met by the secretary at the front desk. A young one, somewhere in her early twenties, probably working for the summer. She gave one look at me and smiled with a peculiar grin before handing me the forms to fill out. Once finished I handed them back and sat there, waiting for one of the biggest moments of my life to take place. After what seemed like eternity the sliding window opened and the secretary said that the doctor would see me now. I took a breath and started walking towards the door that would take me to my fate. As I opened the door and started walking down the hall to the examining room, I heard a snicker and the secretary saying, 

“Good luck. You’re going to need it. He’s a tough one alright.”

I shook my head from the distraction and walked into the exam room where I took a seat in chair against the wall, a couple feet away from the examining table. I only had to wait a couple seconds before a knock came at the door. When I looked up, everything seemed to stop. The rumors were not lying as the six tall, short blonde hair, piercing light blue eyes, chiseled jaw, slightly tanned creamy skin, broad shoulders and a thick body covered in business attire and a lab coat walked into the room. My eyes traveled the length of his body, quickly sweeping over the crotch area, becoming satisfied by seeing a slight bulge from the snake that I was waiting to release. 

The doctor came over and took a seat next to me. He introduced himself as Dr. Rozehiem, but that I could call him Greg. We talked for a moment about the usual medical lingo before he got to the good stuff. He asked me to take off my clothes as he closed the door and locked it as to make sure no one would interrupt. I took my clothes off rather clumsily and in a long duration before I was finally down to my black boxer briefs and sitting on the edge of the examining table. 

Dr. Roze… I mean Greg started with the usual ear, mouth, and eye examinations and began to move down. I shuddered at the ping of the cold stethoscope touching my chest. My nipples ached to be tweaked. He then asked me to lie down and as he pressed my stomach to find any problems, I fought the erection that was trying to form below my underwear with all my might. Before long, he was asking if it was alright to remove my undergarments, with a hummed “Mhmm”, he pulled down the boxer briefs past the patch of light brown pubs that sat above the start of my shaft, and down past the rod of meat that was slowly swelling with blood and the balls that hung close to my body. 

Greg had turned at this point to put the boxers with the rest of my clothing and by the time he had turned back, he was looking at a raging erection. I looked at him as he stood there for a moment, not saying anything. Then he parted his soft lips, wetting them with a tongue that I could just imagine in my mouth. After wetting his lips, he cleared his throat and said,

“Well, what a surprise. Tell me Mr. Musidorus…”


“Right… Derek. I have no qualms of your sexuality, but do you have problems controlling your urges?”

“Well, the thing is Greg. I didn’t really come here for the examination. I actually came here, because I heard that you were unattainable, and I just wanted to see if whether or not, those rumors were true.”

“Rumors? Oh yes, those rumors. Well Derek, just to let you know that despite those rumors, you’re actually the first one to act upon them. To tell you the truth, I’m quite overwhelmed by your bravery. Quite a few patients have come in to see if the rumors were true, but all of them fled before even speaking to me.”

My heart jumped with excitement, then anxiety. What if he meant that in a negative way? No time to act as I sat up and slid off the table, my hard cock bobbing with the motions. I walked over to him, pressing up against him with my body. I slipped his lab coat off and I started to kiss him softly on the lips. I stopped and looked into his gaze, 

“Want to see where this goes?”
He nodded and embraced me as he kissed me. His tongue sliding into my mouth with force, massaging mine with a gentle approach. I felt my way down his back, feeling all the muscles, a belt, and then a nice rounded under a pair of cotton slacks. I squeezed them tight, then let go, doing this repeatedly until he moaned in my mouth. I then helped him undress, revealing a wash board stomach and impeccable pecks. His hard cock was a little smaller than my own in length, but with just as much width. He layed me down on the table as he got up to hover above me in a 69 position and started sucking on my cock. I could see his intention was not for me to return the favor, as he positioned himself so that the slit of his ass sat in front of my face. I proceeded to spread his cheeks and began licking the sides of his pucker, before sliding my tongue up his anus. He moaned with pleasure while still sucking down my cock, creating a slight vibration, making me go crazy with ecstasy. 

After a while of this, he stopped and turned around so that he faced me and helped me sit up. I nodded in agreement as he positioned himself so that his pink pucker sat at the tip of my cock, begging to get stuffed into that tight hole. I held onto the shaft of my cock as Greg slowly lowered himself down onto it. With a little pressure, the head of my cock popped in past his anus and I took the opportunity to slam the rest of it quickly up into is rectum. He yelped at the sudden flash of pain and pleasure, rolling his head back. He looked back down at me and said, “Do it again.”

I repeated the quick jolt up his ass several more times, each time he yelped a little louder. He placed his hand on my chest to stop so as he could recover. Then he started back up by bouncing up and down on my shaft. After I while I would interrupt with a couple hard slams. It kept alternating like this for the next couple minutes as I helped him massage his own cock. Before long I could see him tense as a load of jizz shot out of him like a rocket, soaking my entire torso. I ran a finger through the white substance and tasted it. I moaned with satisfaction, as his cum was superb above all others… only one could out-perform his, but anyways… I moaned with satisfaction, and soon after he had cummed, I could feel my balls tighten as I slammed my load up into his asshole, a little sliding down my shaft and into my pubic hairs. When the last drop had been squeezed out, I shoved a finger full of my juices into his mouth. With a nod of approval we laid with each other on the table for a little while longer, allowing ourselves to regain our strength. 

When we had finished dressing, he gave me a hug and a kiss, while sliding a piece of paper with his number into my back pocket. As I left his office, I quickly crumbled up the paper and threw it onto the ground. My first venture had been a success and I felt like a new person. No longer would I pine for someone’s affections. I was officially a “Connoisseur of Fucks” and I loved every moment of it.

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