The Deer Hunters

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

100% fiction!

Every year me and my buddy Brad took a week off in November to go deer hunting in the northern woods of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. We had been making the trip to the same area for about twenty years. The past spring, my brother had purchased a new 36 trailer and I asked him if we could borrow it for the week so we could live in luxury instead of tenting it and freezing our asses off. The trailer had everything- a full bath with shower, two bedrooms, satellite TV, a full kitchen- it was nicer than my house. My brother was even nice enough to leave the liquor cabinet well-stocked.

The day out, we had no luck. Not a deer in sight. No tracks, no nothing. Even the corn and apples we had left out drew no bucks in. We retired after a long day to the trailer and broke into the liquor cabinet, cracking open a bottle of eighteen year old scotch. I fired up the generator and we flipped on the TV and turned on the satellite system, trying to align the dish properly to get good reception. No luck- nothing but snow on the screen. There was a stack of DVD's sitting in a cabinet near the TV, so I pulled out a . It was an old Stallone flick. We sat and watched, sipping on the scotch and talking amongst ourselves on and off.

The movie ended and I threw a couple TV dinners in the oven then popped another movie in the DVR. It was some dumb Tim Allen comedy. The dinners finished and we sat silently eating and watching the movie. After we finished eating, I poured us another couple stiff ones, looking at the bottle. We had polished off almost all of it and I was definitely feeling it. The movie ended and Brad got up and started to dig through the stack of DVD's. Suddenly he let out a chuckle, turned to me and said "Hey- check it out- a porn flick!" I looked over at him and said "Sure, what the hell- stick it in. I'll crack open another bottle." I poured us another couple drinks then pulled out a joint I had stuck in my suitcase and fired it up. We passed it slowly between us then popped the DVD in the player and kicked back on the reclining couch.

I fast-forwarded through the usual previews, ads and credits then threw the remote on the table next to me. The first scene was some nasty-looking chick stripping down and working a couple dildos into her skanky cunt. Brad was staring at it intently, sipping his drink occasionally and not saying a word. That scene ended, then switched to two guys and the same woman going at it in an office setting. Much hotter. I felt my shaft thicken in my jeans, and looked over at Brad. He had undone his pants and had one hand down them, stuck in his underwear, slowly fondling his package. I figured what the hell and did the same.

The scene intensified. The skunk was sitting between the two guys, switching off sucking their thick cocks as they kicked back and enjoyed. I heard Brad shuffle around a bit then looked over. He had pulled down his pants to his knees, along with his underwear. I muttered "Damn, dude!" He had to have 2" on me. My 5" looked minuscule in comparison to his thick, vein-covered cock. He looked over at me and just laughed as I slid down my pants and boxers to my ankles, kicked off my shoes then let my pants drop to the floor. Brad just looked over, glancing down at my rock-hard shaft and smiled then returning his attention to the screen.

The scene shifted- now one of the guys was licking out the girl's cunt while the other was kissing her passionately, working her tits and stroking his cock. I took another swig of scotch and looked at Brad as he glanced back and forth between the screen and my cock, checking me out as I slowly stroked away. Jokingly. I said "Like what you see?" He just laughed.

After a bit, the guy kissing the skunk and jacking off, stood up, walked out of the scene and came back. He was wearing a condom and squirting lube on his cock. He walked over behind the other guy, got on his knees and spread the guy's apart and squirted some lube in his crack then slowly guided his thick shaft into the other guy's tight pucker. Brad muttered "Holy shit" and continued stroking his cock.

Now what Brad didn't know was that during my senior year of college, my roommate and I had this thing going. We regularly fucked and sucked each other the entire year. After graduation, that was that and I never even considered doing it again. It was all just fun and games- sex for sex's sake between two horny 22 year-olds. I got to thinking though... Having my roomie's cock in my ass was always a turn-on for me. I thought for a bit and just figured "what the fuck." There was a coffee table in front of the couch. I put my foot on the edge of it and kicked it a couple feet further from the couch. Brad looked over silently. I got down on my knees and leaned over the coffee table then spread my ass cheeks, looked back and Brad and nervously said "Do me like the dude on the DVD."

Brad looked down. He wasn't saying a word. I could tell he was even more wasted than I was- he was sitting up now, sort of wavering back and forth with his mouth hanging open. I looked at him and repeated "Do me dude- come on." Brad staggered to his knees, his 7" thick meat still rock hard and now oozing pre-cum. I felt his cock push into my crack, a good inch above my hole, so I reached back and grabbed his shaft, telling him to move a little lower. He scooted down a bit and I guided his missile towards my quivering, hairy hole.

I turned my head and said "Ease it in, nice and slow." It had been 23 years since I took cock, and it hurt like hell going in. I was moaning in pain. After what seemed like an eternity, he was balls- into my ass and he started to fuck, staring intently at his shaft slipping in and out of my man pussy. "GOD! THAT FEELS GOOD!" I screamed, "HARDER! FUCK ME HARD, MAN!" He complied. He was slamming his cock in and out of me and just screaming "FUCK! THAT'S SO TIGHT!" at the top of his lungs. Brad kept it up, pumping harder and harder. Finally, he screamed "I'M GONNA SHOOT" and he just jammed his cock as hard and deep as he could into my cunt.

He pulled out, plopped back on the couch and muttered "Shit. That was HOT!" I answered "Fuck yeah" and sat back down next to him. The porn was over and the screen saver was on the screen. The trailer was dead silent. I kicked back and started jacking off again then after a bit shot my load all over my face and chest. I looked over at Brad- he was passed out and starting to snore. I got up, pulled a blanket off his bed and threw it over him then shut off the TV, pulled the coffee table back into position, and headed off to bed.

The next morning I got up and Brad was standing in front of the coffee maker butt-ass naked rubbing his temples with his hands and groaning. He looked over at me and said, "Man, I don't remember a thing after us finishing dinner. How much did I drink?" I just laughed and poured myself a cup of coffee.

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