The Dorm : Part One

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I was raised in a small town and my very religious parents did not want to send me to a public school, so I was home schooled. Despite this home education, I managed to get a full scholarship to a large, prestigious university out of state. Because I was home schooled I did not have very many friends and thus was uncomfortable around others my age. That and I was a very short, skinny kid and not at all athletic. Kids had always made fun of me growing up. And there was something else that most boys would have been very proud about, but for me was an embarrassment. Call it what you will- my package. My crotch. My groin. My bulge. You see, for my size and stature, I was-well- very well endowed. Tight pants, dress pants were out of the question.

With my shortness and total lack of or muscle, it looked like I was hiding a softball in my pants. I always wore baggy jeans, and even then I constantly got stared at by other kids and even adults. I often overheard snide comments made quietly as kids looked in my direction- even pointing at me. Some kids outright made fun of me. It wasn't that I was all that (I measured myself once- six inches flaccid and pretty thick), it was just because I was so small that it LOOKED so big.

Thus, I was really apprehensive about going to college. I knew I would be in a with a roommate that I had never met, and even worse, that I would have to use a common bathroom with common showers. So, come August of my freshman year came that dreadful day when my parents dropped me off at college. We unpacked the car, brought all my junk up to my assigned room then I said my goodbyes to my mom and . One hour later, my roommate arrived. He seemed real nice. No comments about my size, no funny looks, nothing. His name was Joe and he was from a nearby town.

As soon as we were done unpacking, we started to explore the . First stop, the cafeteria. Then the lounge. Then the hall bathroom. Then panic. I looked in the shower room. This was probably the oldest dorm on campus. The shower room had no stalls. It was a smallish room with four shower heads on opposite walls.

No one, other than my parents when I was small and my , had ever seen me naked. Not even my younger brother. I was worried enough about my roommate seeing me naked- but this? As many as seven guys or more, none of whom I knew, seeing me naked? Shear panic. I figured with my roommate, I could just face away from him and get dressed REALLY fast. But the showers.... how would I deal with that? I thought and thought and finally came up with a plan. I would get up REALLY early- before anyone else was possibly out of bed and take my showers then. Yeah. That would work.

And for three weeks it did. I got up really early every morning, usually at 5:00 AM and showered. Every morning I had the shower to myself, although a couple times I heard guys using the toilet on the other side of the wall (slight panic- run and grab my towel QUICK).

Then one morning, it happened. I was in the showers washing my hair facing away from the wall. My eyes were closed so I wouldn't get shampoo in them. I was washing away and not paying attention, backed under the water to rinse off, then opened my eyes, and Jeff, a a couple of rooms down from mine was at the shower opposite me, just standing there staring at me with his mouth hanging open. I spun around immediately and faced the wall, then glanced back. As I looked back, he muttered "HOLY SHIT! Dude, you are hung like a HORSE! Holy SHIT!" I turned beet red. I didn't know what to say. I just quietly said "Shut up and leave me alone." Jeff walked towards me then stopped in the middle of the room.

"Dude," he said, "really- you are fucking HUNG! Turn around and let me see that thing again." I didn't know what to think or do. I just slowly turned around and covered my with my hands. Jeff walked right up to me and pulled my hands away and looked down and stared right at my flaccid meat. He looked up and said, "Dude, really, you should be a star. That is a fucking porn star ! You could make a fortune!" Then the worst happened. I don't know if it was fright or nerves, but my cock suddenly started to spring to life and thicken up then stand at full attention. All eight, hard inches of it. With my short stature, my wood went halfway up my chest. Jeff just stood there saying "Fuck!" over and over again. I swear he thought I was doing it on purpose, just to show off or something.

He looked down again and said "Dude, you can probably suck your own cock! Shit, man, if I were you I'd never leave the house I'd be sucking my own cock so much!" Now that was funny. I smirked a little and softly said "Shut up, dude!" then he answered, "Really, have you ever sucked your own cock?" I looked down and my feet and laughed and said "No, why would I do that?" He laughed and said "Why wouldn't you? I sure would if I had that cock!" I just laughed.

Then he said, "Let me touch it." I answered "WHAT?" and he replied "Really dude, let me touch it! No one will know. Everyone's still in bed." I shuffled my feet and just answered, "Well, I guess..." I looked up from my feet and saw that Jeff was as hard as a rock too. His cock was about five inches long and curved sharply to the left. He reached over and put his hand all the way around my thick shaft and muttered "Fuck, man- that is AWESOME!"

I quickly pulled away in panic and ran from the showers to the drying area, and still soaking wet and threw on my robe and ran down the hall back to my room.


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