The Dorm : Part 3 Three

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

After that morning of being caught in the shower by Jeff, the down the hall then showing off and masturbating with Joe, my roommate, that same morning, I started to feel more comfortable about my body. I no longer cared if Joe saw me naked- in fact the night after we jacked off together in the morning I climbed into bed and told Joe I was going to wank off then go to sleep. Joe joined me and we silently laid in our separate beds and watched each other pull one off. It became an almost nightly occurrence.

Well, a couple of days later one evening I was sitting in Jeff's room with a bunch of other dudes. John, a guy from the floor above us had snuck a half gallon bottle of cheap tequila into the and we were passing it around and just shooting the shit. We were getting pretty wasted. Fred, Jeff's roommate kept looking at me and smiling after a bit. He had this funny all-knowing grin on his face and I was thinking "Shit- Jeff probably told him about that early morning in the shower." I was buzzed and just didn't care at that point. I knew Jeff was going to blab about seeing me anyway.

We were all joking around about this girl in the woman's wing of the dorm. Everyone called her "YoYo." Her real name was Yolanda, but she had massive tits that bounced up and down when she ran, so YoYo it was. The bottle was passed around again, and the guys- me included- were now taking pretty chugs out of it and it was nearly empty. I was wasted. Finally, it came out. Fred looked over at me and said, "Jeff tells me you have a pretty big little secret!" Jeff, who was sitting between us on one of the beds, looked over at him and said "Asshole, I told you to shut up about that." Fred just started cracking up laughing, and Steve, the from down the hall said. "What's that all about?"

Fred just laughed and blurted out "The shrimp is hung like a fucking horse!" Steve looked at him and said "That's bullshit." Fred answered, "No! Really! Jeff said he saw it in the shower! Tell you what shrimp... I'll give you $10 if you show it to us. $20 if you get it hard." I turned beet red and just smiled and answered "No fucking way, Dude..."

Steve answered, "Yeah, show us shrimp. I gotta see this. I'll throw in another $10 if you do." He reached over and punched me hard in the shoulder, saying "Come on dude, it's $30!" I yelled out "OUCH! Asshole!" then said "What the fuck." Everyone just went silent as I stood up and unbuckled my jeans and slipped them down along with my underwear. Cries of "HOLY SHIT! MOTHER FUCK!" went through the tiny room. Steve shouted out "Get it hard dude! This I HAVE TO see!" I reached down and started to stroke my shaft and it slowly grew to its full eight inches. The room went silent as I stood there, everyone's mouths just hanging open. I stood there for a second hard as a rock, then my erection quickly subsided and I pulled my pants and underwear back up. Fred and Steve reached in their wallets and pulled out the cash and handed it to me. Steve looked around the room and said "Fuck- that was worth the money! That thing is fucking huge! I'm gonna start calling you Boa Constrictor!" After that, the name stuck- shortened to "Bo" and that's what everyone started to call me.

A half hour later, Joe and I got up and left and staggered back to our room. We were sitting there shooting the shit, when there was a knock at the door. It was Jeff. I let him in and he said "Dude, I'm really sorry about that. I told Fred to keep his mouth shut." I just smiled and said "I don't care." Jeff sat down next to me on the bed. After an uncomfortable silence, Jeff said, "That was really hot in the shower last week. Did you tell Joe about it?" I turned and said, "Everything except you grabbing my ." Joe looked over and laughed, saying "No shit!" I replied, "Yeah, Jeff here got all boned up too. He's pretty hung too." I was pretty horny by then and just opened up totally to Jeff, telling him that after I got out of the shower that morning Joe and I wacked one off together. Jeff said "No shit?" and Joe turned red and admitted to it.

I looked at both of them and said "Hey, I'm feeling pretty horny. What do you say we all get naked and pull one off?" I just stood up and started to take off my clothes. Jeff looked at Joe. Joe was smiling and Jeff said "What the fuck... why not?" They both stood and soon we were all naked standing in the middle of the room stroking our meat, checking each other out in silence. After a bit, I thought "What the hell." I bent over a bit, lowered my head and put the end of my into my mouth and started to suck myself off. Jeff just looked over and said "Wow dude. I wish I could do that!" I raised my head and said "Want to suck it?" Jeff didn't even answer. He just walked over, bent down and grabbed my shaft and stuck it in his mouth. Joe stood there and muttered "Hot, dude!" I looked at Joe and said, "Let's all get into my bed and suck each other off."

Joe answered, "Man, dude... I'm not sure about that. Really? I said "Sure! Come on!" Jeff looked over and said "I'm game if you are." We got over to my bed, laid down and said, "This ain't gonna work. The bed's too small. Let's just get on the floor." Down we went and we formed a little circle, Jeff sucking my cock, me sucking Joe's and Joe sucking Jeff's. The room was silent as we went at it. All you could hear was the slurping and soft moans coming from each other. We all sucked away for what seemed an eternity, switching off at one point so I was sucking off Jeff, Joe was sucking me and Jeff throating Joe's cock.

Suddenly Joe pulled away from my cock and said "Dude, I'm gonna shoot!" Jeff buried his cock in in Joe's mouth, his nose buried in his bushy red pubes and he just let loose into his mouth. Almost immediately I exploded my load down Joe's throat. A second later Jeff shot his load, but pulled out and just creamed my face. We all collapsed on the floor for a bit then stood up. Joe looked at me and laughed, saying "Dude, your face is plastered!" I raised a finger to my face and just pushed all the cum into my mouth then stuck out my tongue and showed them the cum, then swallowed it down. Jeff quickly got dressed and said, "Dudes, I gotta go. NOT A WORD ABOUT THIS TO ANYONE!" We agreed and all shook hands. Jeff jetted out the door and went back to his room. Joe looked at me and just said, "That was fucking hot!" and I answered, "Yeah, it was, wasn't it?"

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