The Dorm: Chaper Two

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I quickly ran down the hall from the bathroom nearly in tears. I got to our room and opened the door and went storming in. Joe, my roommate was just stirring in bed. "Dude, what's up with you? It's 6:30 in the morning, for Christ sakes- I'm trying to sleep!" said Joe, looking up from his bed. "Nothing. Just leave me the fuck alone" I mumbled. I sat on the end of my bed, still dripping wet from the shower and in my bathrobe.

"What, did Steve from down the hall say something to you again?" Joe asked... Steve was a - football player and a typical bully. He had been picking on me since about the day in the , calling me "Half Pint" and "Shorty" all the time because of my 5'2" skinny-assed stature- I weighed all of 100 pounds. I replied, "No, it was Jeff. Just leave me alone. I can handle it."

"JEFF??? Come on dude, he's always been real nice to both of us. He's cool!" said Joe. "What, did he say something to you?"

"It wasn't that. Just forget about it, okay?" I almost shouted. I stood up and started to pace back and forth across the room. Joe sat up in bed. "Will you dry yourself off? Fuck dude, you're dripping water all over the floor!"

Now in the short time we had lived in that cramped dorm room, Joe had never seen me naked. I always opened my closet door and got dressed behind it, so he had no idea. Joe continued to press me- "Come on, dude! What happened? I can tell you're really pissed off about something!" That did it. I was just steaming mad. I turned to Joe and threw my robe open, showing him my six flaccid inches hanging almost to my knees between my legs. I loudly stated, "I got a boner in the shower? There. Are you happy now? Now you see why I'm so god-damned shy about being naked in front of other guys!"

Joe's jaw just dropped open and he muttered "Fuck... holy shit. That thing is massive!" I took off my robe, grabbed my towel and started to dry off. I didn't even care anymore if Joe saw me naked. The "snake" was out of the bag, so to speak. Joe just sat there silently watching my flop around as I dried myself off. "Damn, dude" Joe quietly said, "you could make money off that thing." I looked over at Joe, sitting on the edge of his bed and noticed that his PJ bottoms had tented up as he stared at me drying off. I put on my tights-whiteys and pulled my clothes out of the closet.

"It's not that , okay? It just looks that way cuz I'm so fucking short." Joe replied, "No dude, you're hung. I would be proud of that monster. I don't know what you're so worried about." I was still in my underwear, clothes thrown on my bed. Joe said, "Let me see it again."

I replied "Come on, you got to be kidding" and just pulled down my underwear. Again, he stated "Fuck!" then added "How big is that thing hard?" I just looked at him. A wet spot had formed in his gray PJ bottoms right at the tip of the tent bulging from his crotch. I replied "I don't know. It's not like I ever measured it. Joe replied "Get it hard. I wanna see." I felt like some sort of freak show. Joe said "Come on- get it hard. I have to see that thing."

I looked over at him sitting there, my underwear still around my ankles and said "You're not gonna shut up until I show you, are you?" I stepped out of my underwear and reached down and started to stroke my meat. I rose slowly as I stroked away until it stood straight up, sticking eight inches high reaching just below my tits. Joe's mouth was hanging open. "Keep stroking it, dude. I gotta see this." Joe stood up and pulled down his PJ bottoms and stood there watching me stroke my cock slowly. He reached down and started to tug away at his six inch long, slender erection. I looked over at him. I had never seen another dude jack off before- not even on the internet. It was sort of hot. He walked over closer to me, the entire time his eyes focused on my cock. I was stroking with both hands now and they still didn't cover my entire shaft. Joe spit into his hand and lubed his manhood, still watching intently as I masturbated my cock. I have to admit, it was sort of hot showing off my cock like that.

After a while, Joe muttered "God, I'm about ready to shoot." I replied "Me too" as we both picked up the intensity. We were both staring at each other's cocks and moaning rather loudly. Suddenly Joe muttered, "God- here it comes!" and at the exact same time we both started to shoot our loads. Mine just oozed out, coating my hands and shaft. Wave after wave of sperm was shooting out of his and he plastered my chin, neck and chest with his cum. After a second, we just stood there looking down at our cocks, both repeating "Fuck!" over and over. I pulled away from him and grabbed my towel and started to clean my cum off my cock and his off my face, neck and chest. He bent over and picked up his PJ bottoms and started to wipe off his cock with them. We were both still rock hard, with cum oozing out of our piss slits. Joe muttered "That was fucking HOT!" and I answered, "Yeah, that was."

I suddenly started to feel real and guilty as hell. Joe slipped back into his PJ bottoms. They were covered with creamy white spots from his load. My erection slowly subsided and I slipped into my underwear and got dressed silently. Joe threw on his robe and said "I'm gonna hit the showers. Not a word about that, okay?" I just said "Okay" and followed him out the door and went to the cafeteria for breakfast. When I got back, Joe was sitting at his computer, butt-assed naked, checking out his Facebook feed. He turned and said "Hey" flatly as I walked in the room. I just said "Hey" back.

After a period of very uncomfortable silence, Joe turned around and said "Do you jack off a lot?" I turned red as a beet and said "Not really." I was lying through my teeth. Back home, I was a twice, three times a day masturbator and I had not pulled one off since I moved into the dorm. Joe replied, "Don't laugh, but I always wait until you're asleep and pull one off. I've been doing it since we moved in together." I smiled- I sort of suspected that he was stroking off. I had heard him going at it a couple times. He looked over and said, "Hey, I don't mind if you do it too. Every does it, and if a guy says he doesn't he's lying like shit." I laughed and just said "I guess."

After a bit Joe got up and got dressed. Then turned to me and said, "I guess I understand why your so shy about getting naked in front of other dudes." I said Thanks for understanding. I have to get going or I'll be late for class." Joe replied "Later dude" then walked over and gave me an uncomfortable hug.

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