The Gym Bang

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

off, I am one of those guys that would be called called a "whimp" by a 90 lb weakling.

I have been drinking protein drinks and than I came to this gym to work out. Now in the locker room I could feel the stares like what am I doing there.

One of the men walked over while I was putting on my gym shoes and deliberately stood close to where the bulge in his shorts were at eye level.

He said," You are in the wrong locker room this is a locker room for men."

I said," Please sir, I am not here for trouble I just want to work out."
He jerked me up and pulled me with him saying," I am going to give you a workout. "

He pulled me over to a deserted part of the locker-room and about 4 guys followed us.
We got to the corner and he jerked down his shorts and demanded I lick his jockstrap.
I did and deeply inhaled his musky underwear and I continued to lick for about 5 minutes than the jerked his jockstrap down and he shoved his soft into my mouth. His cock soft was about 5" and I felt it started to grow.

I sucked and I started to choke and finally my throat started to open up and adjust.

After about 15 minutes he pulled his cock out of my mouth and jerked my shorts off and pulled them to my ankles and stood me up.

I now had a raging hard on and he laughed.

He said," His pitiful excuse of a cock is hard he must having their way with him."

There it was me being a faggot was there for all the world to see. Now up to that time I have never had a cock inside me. I looked at his and his cock had to b a 10."

He put me on my hands and knees and got behind me and I felt this intrusion and felt like I was being ripped in half and I screamed.
He kept pushing and pushing and pushing and it felt like it was moving my stomach and intestines. This went on for 30 minutes until I finally felt his balls against my smooth, bubble cheeks.

He whispered in my ear," I am going to breed you and I think you will thank your daddy. Have you ever been fucked?"

I said," No daddy."

He laughed and said," I am popping your cherry and I may still take you home tonight."

After my adjusted to his cock I started to moan and he started to me.

He fucked me for about 1 1/2 hours his balls slapped my cheeks and I moaned loudly. He shoved his cock deeply into my ass and I felt his cock buck violently in my ass about 5 times flooding my now stretched hole. He stayed inside me until his cock softened and popped out of my ass.

That has been 3 years ago and I no longer try to hide myself being a faggot every man knows and if he wants to take advantage of it I get naked and get in the right position.

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