The Survival Hike

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

First Sergeant Reynolds called us out to formation at 5AM. We all jumped from our bunks- we were in the third week of boot camp at Fort Hunter Liggett, located in the middle of butt fuck nowhere in Central California. The base was 20 miles from the nearest town and bordered the Los Padres National Forest, a vast holding between Morro Bay and Monterey. The mountains to the west of the base were still shrouded in darkness. It was a cold winter day, and the previous afternoon a freak snow storm had covered the highest peaks.

The twenty of us were all standing, bare feet and in our underwear, just outside the barracks. Sergeant Reynolds barked out, "All right you slugs, this is what's happening. We are going to pair you all off. You are to pack up your backpacks with one change of clothes, a half a canteen of water, a blanket, your mess kit and knives. Precisely at 8AM you are to head over to the parade grounds where you will be loaded into a truck. We will then drop you and your partner off one mile west of camp. You and your partner will be dropped of at a separate location from everyone else.

Now, slugs, see that mountain off in the distance?" He pointed to the northwest. Beyond the closest range of hills stood the tallest mountain in the Ventana Mountains- Junipero Serra Peak- reaching a little over a mile in elevation and some 20 miles off in the distance. He continued. "You will have until 5PM tomorrow to reach the peak of that mountain, where a helicopter will await you to take you back to camp. You will be given no food and no tent. Now, get your sorry asses back into that barracks, get showered and packed then proceed to the mess hall and be done with your breakfast and ready to go! DISMISSED!"

We all ran back into the barracks, showered and got packed and proceeded to the mess hall, chowing down on as much food as we could hold, then gathered in the parade grounds and were paired off. My partner was Tom, a city kid from Chicago. He was short in stature, but well muscled. My first thought was "Great- I get city . He's not going to know a thing about wilderness hiking and is just gonna drag me down." We boarded the truck and drove off. About every quarter mile, the truck stopped along the dirt road and let off a pair of us with Tom and me being one of the last pairs let out. They let us out along the San Antonio River, a fast flowing cold mountain river. The truck drove off and Tom turned to me and said, "Well, we better get going" and he pointed himself directly towards the distant peak and started walking.

"Hold up, Tom!" I stated. "I have a plan. I know this area. I used to go deer hunting here as a kid with my father. We're going to follow the river." Tom looked at me. "Are you fucking NUTS?" he asked. "The river heads west. We gotta go northwest!" I replied, "No- believe me this is the way. I know the area. The river heads west, then turns a bit to the north. Once we cross out of the base, the river forks to the north branch and that heads directly to the mountain. Not only that, there's a National Forest Service road that follows the river right to the base of the mountain and a trailhead that goes right to the peak. It will be about ten miles further, but we won't have to go over that first ridge- there's a canyon that the river follows right through the ridge. Plus, there's a little surprise for you if we follow that path. There's an abandoned ranch just at the fork of the river. We can camp there for the night and sleep in the old ranch house."

That was all Tom had to hear. Off we went. There was a crisp breeze coming in from the west- it was only about 40 degrees out and it was going to be a long hike. After a bit we stopped and filled our canteens in the river. "See?" I said to Tom, "we're gonna have a water supply our entire hike. The rest of those morons are probably doing what you wanted to do and are heading straight for the peak. There's only one small stream they'll cross and it's usually bone dry." About mid-afternoon we stopped at a small pool in the river. Tom was complaining that he was hungry.

I turned to him as he complained. "Take off your boots and climb down into that pool and start turning over rocks. There's a ton of crayfish in that river. Catch as many as you can. I'll start a a fire and get some water boiling. See those plants over there? The leaves are edible, but you have to boil them first. I'll pick some. I gathered up some dry brush while Tom went to work, then pulled out my knife and a flint and got a fire going pretty quickly and got some water boiling. After about 20 minutes of bitching and moaning about how cold the river was, Tom had managed to catch a good amount of crayfish and I threw them in the water and soon we were gorging down on them along with the boiled nettle leaves I had gathered. We finished up, took a quick piss, then off we went finally arriving at the abandoned ranch around 6 PM.

I hadn't been to the ranch in years. Much to my surprise, when we got there I found that the old ranch house had burnt down at some point. Just to the north of the old ranch house was a barn- and it was still standing but the door was paddle locked shut. I quickly did a little exploring and on the west side of the barn there was a broken window. I cleared out the remaining broken glass and we climbed through. Perfect- shelter for the night and in the corner of the barn was a tool room where I found an old fishing pole and tackle box. "Looks like we're going to eat well tonight!" I exclaimed to Tom, grabbing the pole and tackle box and climbing back out the window.

I knew that about a quarter mile off there was an old irrigation pond just off the river. I told Tom to get a fire going and that I would be back shortly. Within a half hour I had caught a couple nice-sized bass in the pond and I returned to the barn, where Tom was still trying to start a fire. I took over for him and soon we had bass frying up on the fire. It was already well past sunset and getting cold. We sat by the fire and talked a bit, then headed back into the barn.

"Gonna be a cold night, my friend" I said. I gathered up some straw, laid down a nice bed of it, then laid one of the two blankets down on it and put the other one over it. Tom looked at me. "Where the fuck am I gonna sleep dude?" he asked. I looked at him and laughed. "Didn't you pay any attention in that survival course we took? You're gonna sleep with me. Body warmth, mi amigo! It's the only way we'll stay warm enough tonight. Now grab some more straw and pile it up over the blankets." Tom mumbled something then grabbed more straw and piled it up over the blankets then started to crawl in. "What the fuck you doing?" I said. "Take off your clothes. If you wanna keep warm, that's the trick." Tom looked at me. "Shit" he replied and I answered "Don't worry, I won't bite." I laughed and stripped down and climbed under the blankets as Tom stood and watched. "You coming to bed?" I said. Tom just looked at me, turned away from me and pulled off his clothes. I had seen him naked in the showers plenty of times before. For a short little , he was fucking horse hung- at least 6" flaccid, with a thick uncut dick and tight little balls. He covered his crotch with his hands and turned back around. I just laughed and said "Get the fuck under the blanket and get to sleep."

After about twenty minutes of laying there under the straw and blankets, Tom muttered "Dude I am fucking freezing my off." I was on my side, facing away from him. I turned my head and said, "Well, snuggle up to me then. You know the drill." Tom muttered "This is so fucking gay" and I just laughed. Tom slid over, closer to me and got on his side facing my back. "Dude, you gotta get right next to me. You ever hear of spooning? That's what you gotta do if you wanna stay warm." Tom just laid there a second, muttered "Shit. I'm freezing my ass off. What the hell" then he slid over right against me, putting his arm over me. I immediately felt the warmth of his body against mine- along with his huge pressed right up against my ass. "Move in tighter, dude. I'm cold" I mumbled and Tom snuggled closer.

Suddenly I felt something. Tom's cock was pressed right into my ass crack -and he was getting hard. I let out a little chuckle. "Dude, are you getting a boner?" I whispered and Tom replied "No- shut the fuck up." I reached back with my hand between us, and felt down, grabbing his shaft. He was hard as a rock. "Fuck dude, you are!" I laughed, pulling my hand out. "You're fucking hard as a rock!" Man, his cock was thick. My hand barely reached around it. "Shut the hell up. I can't help it!" Tom stated. Now what Tom didn't know, nor anyone else in our troop, was that I am Gay. "Dude, your a fucking horse! How'd a little guy like you get blessed with such a piece of meat?" Tom actually laughed. "Better than that fucking pin dick you got. What is it? All of 3" hard?" he said. I was hard by then. rock hard. And yeah, I had a pin dick. I answered "4" and proud of it." Tom laughed. "I oughta ram my meat right up your ass and show you what being a man is all about."

I smiled and laughed. Tom laughed back, saying "You'd like that wouldn't you, faggot?" I laid there for a second, still feeling the thickness of Tom's enormous cock nestled between my ass crack, then I turned my head, smiling. "What?" Tom stated, "you want it? You want me to shove my cock in your faggot ass?" I grin came across my face. "If you're so hot for me then give it to me, fuck face. Guide that big dick of yours inside me. Shove it in deep!" Tom went silent for a second. "You're kidding, right?" he said. "No- come on. Show me what a man you are. Fuck me hard!" I quickly reached around and grabbed Tom's dick and slid up a bit until the tip of it was hard against my tight hole. I hadn't been fucked in months- and never by such a large piece of manhood. Tom muttered "Fuck!" You're serious" then started to push the head of his cock against my pucker. I had never taken a raw cock inside me, much less a dry raw cock. I felt a shock of pain as the tip of his huge shaft pushed through my sphincter muscle. I let out a cry. "Fuck! That hurts! Push it in hard!"

"Shit" Tom grunted, "It won't go in." "Push harder" I replied and Tom jammed his body hard into me. The enormous head of his cock busted through and his shaft penetrated deep into my rectum. "Fuck me hard now! Show me what it's like to be a man!" I started to gyrate my hips and feeling the pain as his 8" glided over my prostate, sending shivers up my spine. "FUCK ME! FUCK ME!" I cried. Tom was moaning and grunting like crazy, his body slapping hard against my ass as he pumped away. "KEEP IT UP! HARDER! HARDER!" I cried, tears literally streaming down my face. Tom just kept it up, muttering "God, you're tight!" over and over. "Pull out and cum in my mouth when your ready!" I moaned.

Minutes later, Tom shouted out "God, I'm gonna CUM!" I quickly pulled away from him, throwing off the blanket and the straw, diving my head down towards Tom's throbbing meat. I shoved him deep in my mouth as gush after gush of thick man juice filled me up. I kept his cock in my mouth, devouring the taste of his load. Suddenly a flashlight shown on us and I heard laughter.

"What have we here? A pussy boy taking it up the ass? You like that faggot?" I quickly pulled Tom's cock out of my mouth. There, shining the flashlight through the window, were Steve and Dave- two other guys in our troop. They climbed through the window as I sat there with my mouth hanging open, covered with sweat and cum running down my chin. "Grab him, Steve!" shouted Dave as I scrambled to my feet. Steve rushed over and grabbed me, hauling me over to a low wall running through the middle of the barn and pinning me against it, facing the wall. Steve approached, undoing his pants as he approached. I looked back. Steve's 7' shaft was bobbing between his legs, already rock hard as he walked up behind me. He got me in a choke hold, reached down and grabbed his cock, shoving it in my already sore ass. He started to fuck me hard. Dave stood next us laughing. I turned to Steve, with a smile on my face. "Give it to me hard!" I said and Steve started to fuck me furiously.

"Let me get on my hands and knees" I moaned. "Shove your cock in my mouth, Dave! I want it BAD!" Down I went as Dave quickly hauled out about a 5" fatty and stuck it in my mouth. I was being pumped from both ends now and GOD, it felt good! I don't know how long they kept it up- it seemed like and eternity before Steve shouted that he was shooting his load just as Dave filled my mouth with wave after wave of his creamy goodness. After they were done, I crawled back to the blankets and quickly got under them. Steve and Dave were talking amongst themselves as they readied there blankets. As they climbed into their bed, Tom said "Looks like we found ourselves some pussy! Boot camp's gonna turn out better than we thought!" Steve and Dave laughed.

They were right-the rest of boot camp wasn't going to be that bad after all....

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