The Wedding in Hawaii

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

Tom was NOT looking forward to the upcoming week as he sat on the Hawaii-bound flight picking at the cold, hard as a rock sandwich and stale chips the fight attendant threw on his tray minutes before. His parents had divorced a couple years ago after his mother caught his father in a tryst with a male coworker. Shortly after the very messy divorce his mother had started to date her long-time neighbor Steve, a widower with three kids. The wedding was to be in Hawaii and Steve had offered to pay for everyone's way for the week on the island of Maui. One of Steve's kids, Rodney, had been the bane of Tom's existence growing up. "Rod the Bod" as everyone called him in school, was a conceited, know-it-all jock who had constantly picked on Tom in school. Tom was the class nerd- carrying a straight A GPA, on the debate team, and not into sports at all. Now this asshole was about to become family- and even worse, Tom's mother announced that him and Rod would have to share a hotel room for the week.

One thing about Rodney- he was called "Rod the Bod" for a reason. Rod was incredibly handsome. Every girl in school chased after him. He stood around 6'2", muscled, jet- curly hair, around 200 lbs, with piercing green eyes. And Rod has always played his good looks to the max- he was a huge flirt who loved to show off his body, taking off his shirt whenever he had the chance to show off his six-pack abs and hairy chest. Yet all throughout his school days, Rod had never had a steady girl friend. It seemed he was dating a different girl almost every week. Tom, on the other hand, was a scrawny 150 pounds, 5'8' tall with shocking red hair plagued with complexion problems all throughout high school. It had only been two years since graduation and Tom's complexion had finally cleared up and he was working on getting some tone to his body. Tom had never had a girl friend and there were rumors in school that he was Gay. No denying that for Tom- he was definitely Gay and after graduation had dated a few guys, but nothing had ever worked out.

The flight had finally landed after nine hours in the air and Tom was exhausted. It was 10 AM Hawaii time and all he wanted to do was get to the hotel, shower and rest. Tom de-boarded the plane and headed into the waiting area, scanning the crowd looking for his sister who was suppose to pick him up and take him to the hotel. No sign of her, so Tom collapsed in a seat and waited. A good half hour later he was just starting to doze off in his seat when he heard a familiar voice. "Hey Dude! Sorry for the delay- I couldn't find a parking spot and traffic crossing the island was horrible. How ya doing'?" Tom looked up and there stood Rod in front of him. Rod was wearing a loud Hawaiian shirt, a pair of extremely short pink shorts and flip-flops. Tom chuckled to himself, thinking "Dude, you look like some Gay wet dream in those shorts!" He grabbed his duffle bag and the two of them walked to the car silently, got in and headed across the island to the hotel.

They arrived at the hotel a half hour later. Your mom and my dad are out shopping with your sister then they're heading to the Court House to get the wedding license. They'll be gone most of the day and I was thinking that after you freshen up we could head to the beach for a while and chill out," stated Rod as they walked up to the room. "Yeah, I guess- I just want to collapse. I was up all night. I guess I could just sleep on the beach," replied Tom. They arrived at the room and Tom unpacked his duffel bag, headed to the bathroom and showered. He threw on his board shorts and a t-shirt and they headed off to the beach, stopping at a little taco shed on the way there and quickly chowing down on some fresh Mahi-Mahi tacos. They got back in the car and drove off. "What beach are we heading to? Tom asked as they drove off. The hotel beach seemed fine and he was wondering why they just didn't head down there. "Little Makena," Rod replied. I was there yesterday and it's beautiful. I have some snorkels and fins in the trunk if you want to go snorkeling."

A short drive later, they arrived at the parking lot. Tom and Rod got out of the car and Tom started walking towards the long stretch of white sand beach. "Hold it Dude!" Rod exclaimed, "not this beach. This is Makena- Little Makena is off to the right, down that trail over those lava rocks. Tom turned around and they headed down the trail and over the rocks. They approached the end of the trail and Tom looked up, scanning the small beach. Fuck. He looked out and there was a small crowd of men and women laying out on the sand- all totally nude. "You're kidding!" Tom said, looking over at Rod, "a NUDE BEACH?" Rod looked over at Tom and laughed. "What's wrong with that?" he said, smiling. "No one said you have to get naked on a nude beach! Me, on the other hand, I'm gonna take full advantage of it and get that full-body tan!" They proceeded down to the beach and Tom took off his shirt, laid out his towel and immediately collapsed on to the warm sandy beach. He looked over at Rod as he spread out his towel then removed his shirt and pulled off those skimpy pink shorts.

Holy shit- beneath those shorts Rod was wearing a pink thong. Rod bend over and stuffed his shorts and shirt into his duffel, then stood up and removed the thong, kicking it off next to his towel. Now Tom had seen a lot of dick in his 20 years, but what he saw was absolutely amazing. It could only be described as "the perfect penis" - 5" flaccid, neatly trimmed pubic hair and a perfectly proportioned set of low hanging shaved balls swinging between his hairy, well sculpted legs. Tom couldn't take his eyes off it, his mouth hanging open in awe of what he saw. Rod looked down at Tom, saying "I'm gonna take a quick swim" and he trotted off towards the ocean and dove in. Tom watched him for a bit, then laid down on his back and quickly dozed off. He awoke a couple times- the first time Rod was standing over by a couple of other guys about his age, chit-chatting with them. The second time Tom awoke, Rod was tossing a Frisbee with one of the guys he was talking to. Tom watched Rod running across the beach, his perfect swinging between his legs, showing off his muscled, tight hairy bubble butt. He felt a stir in his board shorts as he watched. He thought to himself, "Man, Rod really is a hot looking guy!"

Five o'clock rolled around and Tom awoke to Rod tapping his arm. "Dude, we gotta go now. Our parents are expecting us for dinner at the hotel then we got the rehearsal afterwards." Tom sat up, watching Rod put his thong, shorts and shirt back on. He stood and they walked silently back to the car, not saying a word on the short trip back to the hotel. Tom's mom and future step-dad were waiting in the lobby with Tom's sister when they arrived. "Where were you two all day?" she asked, adding "We've been waiting for you!" Tom gave his mother and sister a hug and shook Steve's hand. The five of them proceeded to the restaurant and all ordered sushi and drinks. Tom was surprised when Steve ordered a round of Mai Tai's for everyone- the waitress never bothered carding him or Rod and as they sat and ate dinner, the drinks kept coming. After dinner they all proceeded out to the hotel beach, where the minister was awaiting. After about an hour, the rehearsal was over and everyone headed back to the hotel lobby bar and more drinks were ordered.

As the evening went on, Tom's mother and Steve excused themselves, saying that they had a long day ahead of them and that they better head up to their room. As they walked out, Steve stopped at the bar and told the bartender to keep the drinks coming and to put it on his tab. Tom's sister joined them, leaving Tom and Rod to themselves. They ordered another round, sat silently for while, when Rod suddenly spoke up. "Hey, Tom- I really feel I owe you an apology. I never was very nice to you throughout high school and there was no excuse for it. I was being a jerk. You're really a nice guy and always have been. Friends future brother?" he said and extended his hand to Tom. Tom smiled and shook his hand, saying "Thanks- I really appreciate that. You're an okay guy too." They ordered a couple more rounds and continued talking and laughing about their high school days. After a bit, Tom turned to Rod and said, "Dude, I'm getting pretty wasted. We better stop and head up to the room. We have a long day tomorrow with the wedding and all." Rod agreed and they stood and walked silently up to their room.

They got to the room and Tom headed into the bathroom and changed into his boxer shorts he usually slept in. He walked out into the room and Rod was already in bed, sheets turned down but not covering him. He was lying on his side, head propped on his hand and totally nude. Tom looked over at him and smiled as he got into bed, thinking again "Fuck, he's hot!" They laid there and talked some more. As they talked, Tom noticed that Rod was occasionally reaching down and adjusting his balls and fiddling with his cock- only for a few seconds at a time, but pretty often. After a short pause in their conversation, Rod suddenly sat up and looked around the room. "What?" Tom said, looking over at Rod.

"There's a fucking big- fly in the room and it's driving me nuts, buzzing around." Tom laughed as Rod climbed out of bed, grabbed a magazine sitting on his bed, and folded it up. Suddenly Rod started to run around the room, swatting at the fly, chasing it around. Tom started to crack up laughing as he watched Rod. He could barely stand he was so and he was staggering like crazy as he chased the fly, always barely missing it as he swatted away. Suddenly the fly flew up and landed on the ceiling right above Tom's bed. Rod ran over and jumped up on Tom's bed, standing right above his face. Tom looked up, still laughing his ass off. Rod slowly raised his hand, reached up and splattered the fly all over the ceiling. Suddenly Rod looked down, staggered, caught his in the bed sheets and tripped, landing on his knees straddling Tom's chest.

They both started to crack up laughing, Rod looking down at Tom. Just as quick, they both suddenly stopped laughing, looking into each other's eyes. A serious look came across both their faces. The room went silent- Rod was now staring intently into Tom's eyes. After an uncomfortable silence, Rod slowly leaned in, his face inches away from Tom. He paused, then lowered his head down and pressed his lips against Tom's. Tom opened his mouth a bit, accepting Rod's kiss and soon their tongues were slowly probing each other's mouths. They passionately kissed for what seemed an eternity and Tom felt his cock slowly rise to attention, poking its full 6" out of the fly of his boxers. Suddenly Rod broke away from the kiss and whispered "You don't know the number of times in high school where I just would stare at you. You are so incredibly sexy." Tom didn't know what to say and just answered "Me too."

Rod climbed off Tom, then reached down and quickly pulled off Tom's boxers, exposing his hard shaft, bight red pubes and small set of low hanging balls. Tom looked down at Rod. Rod's shaft was rock hard, curving sharply to the left, about 7" long and extremely thick. There was a small droplet of pre-cum oozing from is piss slit. Rod climbed back on to Tom, pressing their cocks together and started to passionately kiss Tom again as they ground their cocks together in their tight embrace. Their soft moans filled the room. After a bit, Rod again broke away from their kiss. "You know yesterday when we were at the beach?" he whispered. "Well, I was lying next to you while you were asleep and you got a hard-on. I couldn't keep my eyes off it, sticking straight up in your board shorts. It was all I could do not to pop one myself, lean over and start sucking you off. Can I suck your cock now?" Tom smiled and answered "I'd love that."

Rod shifted around, placing his firm, bubbled ass cheeks right in Tom's face and slowly took Tom's stiff meat into his mouth. Tom reached up with his hands and spread apart Rod's ass cheeks, firmly shoving his face between his cheeks and licking Rod's tight little ass pucker. He tasted the slight tang of Rod's ass in his mouth and dove his tongue into Rod's hole. Tom let out a moan, saying "God- keep that up! It feels so good" then returning to Tom's cock, taking it balls deep into his mouth and rapping his tongue around it, gently licking his shaft. Occasionally Tom would move down Rod's firm ass and take his balls into his mouth. After a bit, Rod whispered "Dude, you're gonna make me cum." Tom smiled, replying "When you're ready, do it in my mouth" and he quickly went back to work on Rod's ass.

Suddenly Rod whispered, "God, I'm going to shoot" and slid up a bit on Tom's face. Tom took Rod's thick shaft into his mouth, gagging a bit as he took it balls deep then pulling out a little. Rod's shaft started to pulsate and Tom tasted the slightly sweet thickness of Rod's juice fill his mouth. He swallowed it down as Rod climbed off him. "God that felt amazing. Do you want to fuck me?" asked Rod. Tom smiled and nodded yes. "Take it slow, okay? I never been fucked in the ass before." Rod got up onto his hands and knees. Tom's slender shaft was still wet from Rod's spit. He approached Rod from behind and gently eased his rock hard cock into Rod's virgin hole. "God that hurts- go slower" Rod muttered. Tom eased up an bit and slowly guided his cock into Rod's hole, feeling the tightness of Rod's sphincter rapping around his shaft and the soft, creamy texture of the inside of his hole rapping around his shaft. He slowly started to pump his hips back and forth.

"Oh FUCK that feels good!" Rod moaned as he started to gyrate his hips. "You're gonna make me cum again."

Tom continued to slowly fuck Rod and after a bit felt his balls suddenly draw tight. "Man, I'm gonna shoot!" He whispered. Rod looked back, muttering "Me too." Tom suddenly let out a loud moan and started to pump hard and fast into Rod's ass. As his body slapped against Rod's ass he shouted "Here it comes!" and Rod answered "Me too!" Tom's entire body spasmed as wave after wave of cum shot from his cock. Rod was moaning loudly and let out a loud "UNH!" Tom slowly slid his cock out to Rod. He peered down at Rod's hole- cum was oozing out of it and he dove his face in, sucking every bit of his creamy, slightly chunky cum from deep inside of Rod. They both collapsed next to each other in the bed and just laid there, not saying a word. After a bit, Rod sat up, reached over and turned off the light on the table between the beds then snuggled up against Tom. Soon they were both sound asleep.

At 8AM the next morning they both awoke to the loud buzz of the alarm clock. Rod was spooning Tom as they awoke- he reached over and shut off the alarm. They silently climbed out of the bed and headed to the bathroom. Tom turned on the shower and they both climbed in together- they hugged and softly caressed each other's bodies. They soaped up and cleaned each other off then climbed out of the shower, got dressed and headed down to the lobby. Tom's mother and Steve were awaiting them in the restaurant and they all sat down to breakfast. "Did you boys have fun last night?" Rod's father asked. Both of them smiled and looked at each other and muttered "Yeah" at the same time then broke out laughing.

After breakfast they went back to their room and changed into their tuxedos and headed down to the beach, where the wedding and about 30 guests awaited. After the ceremony was over, they both snuck into a corner out of sight of the crowd. Tom approached Rod and hugged him, whispering in his ear "You look so hot in that Tuxedo- I just want to rip it off you and go at your hot body right here and now." They pulled apart and laughed. Rod looked at Tom. "Well, we're family now. Let's join the reception, brother." Rod leaned in and gave Tom a quick kiss on the lips and off they went to the beach patio and joined in the reception.

Just after sunset, the reception was still going on strong. Tom saw Rod standing over by their new parents, talking to them. He approached Rod and pulled him away from the conversation. "What do you say we go take a little walk down the beach?" asked Tom. "Sure" answered Rod, punching him in the arm. "Let's get out of here, brother." They walked off the patio and headed up the beach towards a hidden cove some quarter mile down from the hotel. Just outside the glare of the dim light of the Tiki torches on the hotel patio, Tom reached over and took Rod's hand in his. They continued down to the cove under the darkness of the sky, walking hand in hand, occasionally looking over at each other and smiling. When they arrived at the cove, they quickly moved to a spot hidden from view around a large lava boulder on the beach. They embraced, kissing softly while practically tearing the clothes off each other's bodies. They laid on the beach for hours, making passionate love to each other, returning to the hotel just past midnight and heading up to their room.

The rest of the week, they spend most all their time together taking long walks down the beaches, exploring the island and each night in each other's embrace naked in bed. They knew that when the week was over, it would be a long time before they saw each other again as they went to colleges on the opposite side of the country. Some ten years later their parents divorced. Not three weeks after the divorce papers were signed both Tom and Rod were back in Hawaii, where they married and enjoyed the rest of their lives together, forever deeply in love.

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