The cable installation.

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

After a recent move, I needed my cable transferred over to the new place, they gave me the day, and the four hour window, the called. told me he was stuck in traffic, but would be there within the hour, I thanked him, “thank you for being so understanding sir”. He arrived about an hour later, my day was not a total waste I had gotten laundry done the apartment looked pretty good for a place I had recently moved in to. I buzzed him in, he knocked on the door, when I opened the door I stood there mouth open, this man was gorgeous, six two inches, one hundred and seventy muscular pounds, dark curly hair, beard, sparkling eyes. I stood there a little too long, “may I come in sir”? “Oh sorry yes please do”. “I apologize for the wait, but an accident held me up”.

He got right to it, I could not concentrate, he took his jacket off, his chest was so impressive, a beautiful v shape, his tee shirt revealed a beautiful hairy chest, I could even see his abs his tee was tight enough, he had on form fitting pants, with am impressive bulge down the left leg. “Lets get you hooked up”, “oh yea lets do that, “do I need to move anything”? “No sir I can do that”, he pulled out his wire, he held his wire so firmly, he pulled out more than he needed, he bent over to pick up a tool from his tool box, I could see his crack, this man was a Greek god.

He had to reach up to run a wire over a doorway, I wanted a tv set up in the bedroom, I was trapped in my own bedroom, he was in the doorway, placing his wire around my door, my phone started to ring, I had to squeeze by him to get out of the bedroom, his crotch was at eye level, he turned as I went by, my face rubbed his crotch, his looked twice its original size, I was beside myself, he had me so horny, I wanted, needed his cock in my mouth so badly, right now.

Missed call, I was so befuddled, “Sorry sir could you come back, and hold my wire for me while I thread it thru this tiny hole”, I reached in my pants readjusted my hard cock so it would not be so obvious, he was still on the small ladder, “if you could stand there, and hold this while I thread this thru this small hole”, my face was looking directly at his swollen cock, “yes sir that's it just hold it there, yes I think its going thru, could you stand a little closer, normally I would not ask for assistance but this is a special install.”

With his arms up I had a perfect view of his treasure trail that went down his pants, the buckle for his pants was right there, his zipper tab was so close to my mouth, I could lick his cock from where I was positioned. He leaned forward, and his crotch was in my face, I smelled him, he smelled of cum, what an aroma, I dropped his wire, unhooked his pants, slid them down, he was commando, his massive cock was inches from my mouth, he grabbed his cock and smeared precum on my lips, I tasted him, he was delicious, I opened my mouth, his big cock disappeared down my throat, he grabbed my head and started to face fuck me, I opened my own pants, and proceeded to jerk off.

His balls slapped my chin, his public hair was in my nose, I wanted his load in my mouth, and down my throat. His breathing quickened, his cock swelled, his balls lifted in their sack, he was close and so was I. His cock exploded, the man shot so much cum it was dripping down the sides of my mouth. I slurped most of it down, my cock was about to shoot, he pulled his cock from my mouth, and took my cock in his mouth just as I blasted his tonsils, he licked me clean. We pulled up our pants, he went back to the install.

Within an hour he was done, he asked how he had done, I looked at him install I have ever had, hope I can get you here to install more things in the future, sounds good “maybe next time you can be on the ladder”, “yes for sure or on each side of the bed”. They called for a follow up to find out how my install went, the man on the phone asked if they could come by and check his work, I quickly said “yes please do, can you bring the installer back as well?” He said “he and the installer would be there in the morning to verify my equipment was functioning properly and if I needed additional installation done they would be happy to service me.” I thanked him, they gave me a specific time of ten am, they would be at my home.

Promptly at ten am they buzzed my door, the sexy installer was the to come in, I had conveniently had just gotten out of the shower, and only had a towel on. They came in and asked if they could check things out. I told him help yourself, look at anything that interests you. The installer grabbed my towel, pulled me into a kiss the other guy grabbed my ass, his cock was out and he was going to fuck my ass, they bent me over, and he slid his cock in my hole, I swallowed the installers cock to the base, they were stroking in sync, both in at the same time, they slammed my mouth and ass, the installer said “I want some of that hot ass of his”

They switched spots, the inspector rammed his cock in my mouth, his cock was impressive, his balls were big bull balls, they slammed my chin, he was close so was my installer, they soon were both shooting their loads in me. I swallowed his hot cum, the man tasted so dam good, I wanted more, I was a cum hungry whore right now, the installer pulled his cock out of my ass and I cleaned his cock of any and all cum, they zipped up and soon were on their way, the installer said to the inspector, “Told you this guy is hot.” “can we come by again some time?” “Yes please do.”

When ever my installer was in the neighborhood, which was often he would drop in unannounced and give me his load, and sometimes swallow mine, he fucked me often. The inspector dropped by with him sometimes as well, I loved being double teamed by these two guys. And no four hour window...

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