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The first time I sucked a was when I was forty eight. I’d always been drawn to men, but because of society's attitude towards homosexuals and my strong religious background I suppress the urges. I kept telling myself that it was just a passing phase and that if I ignored it, it would go away.

I was a volunteer tutor with the college athletic program. To keep them eligible for sports I helped both young men and women with their studies. Over all the years that I volunteered there was never a sexual encounter until Chandler.

In 2007 I met Chandler, who was on the college golf team. He was having some problems with his grades so the coach introduced us. He was a very handsome nineteen year-old. He modeled a little locally and worked part time at Abercrombie and Fitch to pay his tuition. You know the type, about five eleven, perhaps Mediterranean descent; you know, the great olive tanned skin, with blackish hair, not much body hair though. He reminded me of Ben Affleck. The girls were constantly after him so he had no problem getting sex. He often told me of his encounters and we would both get hot talking about it. Sometimes he would complain about being stiff and sore from practice and I would give him a back massage or leg rub. There was some strong sexual tension between us so I tried to turn him over to someone else, but he wouldn't have it.

We were in my office where the study sessions took place when Chandler said, “My back and shoulder are tight. Would you give me one of your first-class back massages?”

I didn’t think anything about the request, because he quite frequently asked for them.

Chandler stripped off his shirt as I sat down on the couch. Since his back was turned and he wouldn’t see what I was doing, I eyed him hungrily, drinking in his muscular torso, his thick arms and his impressive shoulders.

I was sitting on the couch, so Chandler sat down on the floor between my outstretched legs and I started gently kneading his tight shoulder muscles. Chandler was right he did need a massage. His muscles were so knotted up from tension that I was surprise that he could even turn his neck. His muscles were incredible and I loved giving Chandler massages. Touching him always made me so hot, that after Chandler would leave I’d have to jack off to relieve myself.

But this time as I was finishing with his shoulders, Chandler asked, “Could rub my feet and legs, too? For some reason my legs muscles are tight today.”

Chandler was in golfing shorts so getting to them would be no problem, so I said, “Sure,” as I stood up so he could take my place on the couch.

As I moved around and knelt in front of him I saw that Chandler had undone the top button on his shorts.

As a golfer Chandler kept himself very . His strong legs with their well-defined quadriceps and calves were just as hot as the rest of him. I eagerly worked them up and down, getting closer and closer to his nuts. When Chandler spread his legs so I could get to his upper thighs better, I realized he didn’t have on any underwear and that his family jewels were shining. Raising my eyes, I look at the thin trail of silken hair that ran from his navel down into his shorts … and then I saw it...his cock head was sticking out the top of the shorts.

Just from staring at it I was literally becoming from my raging hormones.

Casually Chandler mentioned that I was touching his nuts but he didn't move so I became bolder. Sliding my hand through the leg of his golfing shorts, I started caressing them. Sighing, Chandler leaned his head back on the couch and spread his legs wider. As I caressed his balls, I could feel his hard cock through the leg of his shorts.

Chandler, now wanting to release his cock from its confines, unzipped his shorts even more, his cock almost slapping my face in the process. "Oh god," I gasped when I saw his thick cock as it jutted up from its nest of curly pubic hair, His cock was nice, about five inches long but it had about a three inch girth with a huge reddish/purple mushroom head that glistened with pre-cum and a maze of thick veins.

When I started trying to pull his shorts down Chandler raised his butt up off the couch to make it easier. I slid his shorts down his thighs, over his knees, down his calves to his ankles and suddenly, there he was in all his glory. Unable to restrain myself, I took him in my hand and started stroking him.

As I knelt on the floor in front of him, Chandler stood up, placed his hand on the top of my head for balance and stepped out of his shorts.

My intentions were to just give him a hand job, just to jack him off, but Chandler had other ideas. Rocking his hips forward, he pressed his crotch up to my face and said, “ it.” Then Chandler lowered himself back down on the couch as I eased back his foreskin, revealing its huge reddish/purple head. I was amazed at how hard he was. A piece of velvet covered steel.

A mind of its own, my tongue flicked out and teased the small opening where a small amount of clear liquid had accumulated. He tasted too salty. Chandler had been on the golf course all afternoon and had been perspiring, causing his cock to be bath in a sea of salty sweat. I could smell his muskiness. Chandler giggled and then placed the tip of his cock against my lips. The pheromones kicked in immediately so I took him in my mouth.

I had only seen blowjobs in , never give one, but I did everything I could think of as Chandler leaned back on the couch in front of me. I took his length and sucked hard, my tongue pressing against the underneath side of his shaft as he pulled away, only to reinsert it again for another long suck. As Chandler’s huge shaft rammed into my mouth, I felt his coarse pubic hair rubbing against my nose and lips.

Chandler was moaning, “Uuuuuum,” low in his chest and thrusting, as I hungrily slurped and sucked, swiftly bobbing my hot, tight, sucking mouth up and down his rigid shaft. He verbally encouraged me by telling me, “Suck my cock,” and calling me every name in the book, faggot, bitch, queer, cocksucker and homo. And I hate to admit it but I was really turned on by it.

"Oh baby, that feels good," cried Chandler, his body spasmed, bucking his hips as his cock throbbed in my mouth. I moaned, “Uugggghhhhhhh,” eagerly, sucking as hard as I could, my hands gripping his thighs as I pumped my mouth wetly up and down his straining shaft.

I jerked my wet mouth off Chandler’s cock, pumping it with my hand as I looked up a Chandler. He gave me an impassioned look as I frantically pumped his engorged cock while rolling his swollen balls with the fingers of my other hand. With his hands on the back of my head, Chandler moaned, “Suck my fucking cock, you faggot,” as he guided his cock back into my mouth and adjusted my speed.

I had mixed emotion, as I knelt there slurping and sucking on Chandler’s cock. On one hand I wanted to prolong my sucking as long as possible and on the other, I couldn’t wait to taste his cum.

After several minutes Chandler shrieked proudly, "Oh god, here it comes, Oh my god, I'm going to cum,” as if I couldn't tell. He made muffled little whimpering noises as he anticipated his orgasm. My head still bobbed up and down, my mouth bringing him closer and closer to orgasm. Chandler leaned back, closing his eyes, savoring the sensations as I sucked and pulled, pumped and stroked, rolling my mouth, massaging with my tongue, squeezing his cock and balls with the sole intention of making him erupt in my mouth.

“Hot damn,” Chandler moaned, "How hot, you faggot mother-fucker, you’re gonna swallow," and did I.

I felt the first huge load of thick, hot cum blast into my mouth. It was followed by pulsation after pulsation, filling my mouth. I remember thinking as Chandler unloaded into my mouth how I had cummed in a couple girls’ mouths and that for me, being on the receiving end was so much better. His creamy cum was salty and sweet and was such a cool sensation to have it sliding down my throat.

I kept Chandler’s cock in my mouth, cleaning it off with my lips and tongue so that when he put it back in his shorts he wouldn’t stain them. Can’t have his mother finding cum stains when she did the washing. It could lead to some embarrassing questions.

As I was cleaning Chandler off I waited for him to go soft but to my surprise he never did. I was amazed as I continued to suck his incredible cock. But I could tell by the way that Chandler wiggled his hips that he didn’t mind if I kept sucking.

When Chandler realized that I was rubbing myself through my pants, he suggested that I take them off. Pausing long enough to strip off my pants, I quickly dropped back down to my knees and went back down on him. Grinning like a possum, Chandler stared down at me as inch by inch I slowly took his still hard cock into my mouth. Once I had it all in my mouth, Chandler said, “Do whatever you want,”

So I started bobbing my head, moving my mouth up and down his thick shaft, going further and further down until I was throated throating him. Each time my mouth descended on Chandler’s fine cock I would roll his nuts in my hand. I was having so much fun that I thought I was going to die from a heart attack.

In a few minutes Chandler took over jacking himself off. So with my mouth still wrapped around the head of his cock, I jacked mine.

It wasn’t long until Chandler almost screamed. "Oh my fucking god, I'm cumming. I'm cumming in your mouth again. Oh, oh, oh no," then he rewarded me with another mouth full of delicious hot salty cum. Surprisingly enough, his second load of hot cum was as big as the first.

I got so excited that I cummed shortly afterward.

Sated, we cleaned up, Chandler gave me a quick hung and left.

Once Chandler was gone and I came to my senses, I knew that I'd crossed a line. I didn't know what to think or if Chandler would ever come back or not. Not knowing how he felt or what to say, I didn't call or text Chandler the next day.

And then the next evening there was a knock at my office door and it was Chandler. With no mention of our last evening, he came in and we studied. When we finished studying Chandler looked up and said, “Hey cocksucker.”

Shocked and red faced with shame I didn’t answer.

Smiling, Chandler stood and walked across the room to the couch. Still smiling, he asked, “Are you ready for some more cock?” as he reached for his zipper. Dropping his shorts down around his ankles, he sat down and spread his legs. One look and I started the whole process again.

Too ashamed I don’t even look at the Chandler, I just went to my knees and put my head between his legs. When I took his cock into my mouth, he said something to me like, “A good little cocksucker.”

When I felt the head of Chandler’s cock against the back of my throat, I started sucking him and stroking him faster and faster. Laughing, Chandler suddenly grabbed the back of my head, and asked, “Do you want a big mouth full of cum?”

Of course I tried to say, “Yes,” but my mouth was so full that it was hard to talk. After about a minute or so, I felt his cock started to pulsate and the salty sensation of his hot cum hitting the back of my throat. I'm proud to say, I didn't miss a beat. I just kept stroking and sucking as Chandler moaned and shot four or five hot streams of cum into the back of my throat and I hungrily swallowed it down.

I took his still hard cock out of my mouth and while looking at the swollen head, grabbed it at the base and pulling up to the tip, milking the last big drop of cum out of there. I gladly cleaned him up by sucking just the head into my mouth and swallowing the last evidence of my hard work.

I sucked his cock and swallowed his hot load of cum every once and sometimes twice a week the rest of his time in school. Even though he’s since graduated from college, Chandler and I continue to get together at least once a month for a session. A time or two he brought someone with him, usually an out of town client and I sucked off them both. I feel very lucky to have found Chandler.

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