While At Work

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I was sat at my desk in the office when the sounds of my phone buzzed. I knew what that sound was, so I straight away picked my phone. On the screen was a message from a on grindr. I had been chatting to the man for a couple of days so I was very happy to see his name.

He asked what I was up to and if we could meet. Sadly, I had to reply that I was at work and couldnít meet him. He then said why didnít he come to my work and we could just run to the bathroom, he could pound me hard up against the wall blow a load in me and then go. I jumped on this idea as I had always wanted to do something like that, so I said yes.

I phoned downstairs and told them I would be having a visitor, and just to send him up when he got there. I carried on doing some computer work while I waited. I could feel my getting harder and harder while I was waiting.

About 10 minutes later the phone started to ring, I picked up and I was told my guests was on his way up the stairs. I could see his on the CCTV and jumped up to go meet him. I went and met him on the stairs and showed him into my office. I sat down on my chair and straight away his cock was out and in my face, hard and ready to go. I looked up at his smiley face, and then back at his big cock.

I opened my mouth and he slipped it in, taking as much as I could. Every part of him tasted amazing. From his long shaft to his big red head. I could have kept going till I tasted that big load in my mouth, but stopped myself. I needed him in my waiting hole. I pulled off my and told him to follow me. He pulled up his jeans and walked behind.

We went to the store room 1 floor below. Even though you couldnít lock the door, I knew no one would come in so we should be safe. He came in after me and shut the door. By the time the door was closed and he had turn round to face me, i had my jeans and underwear around my ankles and already bent over ready to receive him. He slowly walked up behind me, taking in the full view of my hole and pulling his own jeans and underwear down. He pulled a small of lube out of his pocket and lubed up his big cock. Making sure he got every inch ready. He put the lube away and lined up this tip of his cock to my hole.

My cock was hard and twitching ready to blow a load and it hadnít even started yet. Finally, he pushed his long cock inside me, I could feel every inch of him and wow, it was good. Once every inch of his cock was inside me he stopped for half a minute so I could get used to his big cock, and then without even asking if I was ready he went for it. The full on hard and fast pounding started. Every second of it was bliss. I wanted to screen, but someone defiantly would of come in then and we did not need that.

His cock was flying in and out of my , he was amazing! The I had ever had. I could feel my orgasm on the way, i hadnít put a finger on my own cock this whole time and still I was about to cum and hard. I twisted my head around and told him I was going to cum, with this he put a hand of each side of my waist and went even deeper inside me. That hard done it, a big load of cum came flying out the end of my cock and landed on the floor, I had to grab hold of something to stop myself from crying out. Stream after stream of cum came flying out and landed all over the floor. I was in bliss.

I could hear him start to moan more and more and I knew he was about to shoot a big load inside me, and I wanted it so bad. His cock pounded my hole for another 20 seconds and then boom! I felt a massive load filled up my hole. It just kept on coming, there was so much it started to leak out while he was pushing in and out. He started to slow down, but I could still feel in cock pulsing in my tight hole. he pushed in one last time and stayed there for a minute, and then pulled out. We were both covered in cum and lube, but it was amazing.
We both pulled up our underwear and jeans, and tidied ourselves up.

Before he left he asked if I wanted any help clearing up, which I said no to. I was going to leave my cum there as a reminded of the amazing we had just had. And with that he left. He messaged me the next day to say how amazing it was and we should do it again some time. To which I said anytime.

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